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Monster Hunter World Thread
Santa also posted our Teostra Harassment quest:

Ohh u already posted the Nergigante quickie
Heres my contribution to it. 

It was very satisfying to watch me crit from another player's angle, Roxy looked awesome.

"The Quest for Joe"
Must watch

Dammm! I should change my mic settings so i can hear myself talk next time Santa makes a vid...

"Hear myself talk"
Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
I think you guys should realy consider turning off bgm.
That ominous Nergigante music seemed like the bgm for a creature's futile struggle to escape its demise from the hands of off-world invaders. Makes us look bad.
Bgm shoulda been marching band-like. Propagandistic.
Mega Nutrients
Santa aint a member here but i really like this vid of his always make me laugh

Mega Nutrients
LOL, that was good. XD

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