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Monster Hunter World Thread
Right after seeing ver 2.01 in the start screen Temp Jho came to mind. Built a main setup and experimental setup just for him.
Decided to carve him instead of capturing as punishment for ducking me for weeks haha.

Mega Nutrients
I don't undrstand the HR experience gain. I do a level 7 or 6 hunt I get a tiny boost. I did the level 5 event quest I got nearly a 20% increase in the experience bar

Youtube is fooking with my vid uploads. I'm trying to ul the whole temp Jho hunt. No fucken faints. I got fortitude jewels equiped so 1 faint will give me 10/15% boost and 2 faints will be 20/30 but my pride kept me from abusing it. I got a few close calls though. Even one where I thought I'm going to the cart but my toon stood up Big Grin
Monster Hunter World: Dante's outfit will be released April 27th.

Guess I'll be back at that date.
I'm semi-retired by then. My current save is 400+ hours Big Grin

HOLY FUCK! Srwx has Nadia! Crap I need money to buy the game
Mega Nutrients
Ah, here it is, temp Jho full battle

Mega Nutrients
(04-07-2018, 02:00 AM)Oggy Ten Wrote: Ah, here it is, temp Jho full battle

Wyvern Stake finish, nice.

This part was pretty crazy, he jumped over your Wyvern's Fire Big Grin
[Image: Wyvern_s_Hop.png]
Uhhh... you watched the whole thing????

Oh, now I remember. That Wyvern Fire wasn't intended. I'm still holding guard when I attempted to do the O+T attack. You can say, Jho pressured me into fumbling my controls hahaha Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Yep. I wanted to see if I could learn something. He seems less scary now that I saw you beat him. I might fight him before the festival is over.

Btw,I think that attack where he grabs you in his mouth can't be guarded without Guard Up. That's how it seemed.
Wow that's flattering haha Big Grin
Yep I just let him grab me cos I need the defense jewels more than the guard up skill so I can still live if I make a wrong decision. Anyways, Dip and me have noticed that 90% of people online fight temp Jho with strong shield so it's either Lance or GL.
As he puts it, "It's become standard procedure when fighting temp Jho."
Except him. He never leaves his GS.
Santa: "Dippy eats with his GS, Sleeps with his GS, masturbates with his GS."
Hahaha Big Grin
Anyways, the squad tried him last night after Dip went to bed with his wife and GS. We failed twice via random KO's including me and Santa which made the victory on the third try sweeter. I think aside from gear, you also need either veteran experience or the right mindset.

Btw, I never go into tough battles without eating nitro and para shrooms.

1. Mushroomancer charm level 2: eat mushrooms
2. Go back to tent and replace charm with the one you're supposed to use. 

Also you can allocate one slot for fortitude jewel. Gives you +10% attack and 15% defense when KO'ed and stacks for a max of 2 faints.

Oh, Dippy taught me that mushroom trick. I just modified it by using charm instead of changing loadouts.

Man before we finished last night I realized I sipped half a liter of brandy good thing it's only 62 proof if it's stronger I might not have finished the whole hunt

Oh. I just remembered Santa beat me in arm wrestling. The guy probly faps more than me.

Last night's highlight. 
Dippy mounted a bitch I decided to mount a bitch.
Me: hey, this is like an orgy!

Mega Nutrients
Hahahaha last night was indeed very fun.

Here's that full clip of that double odogaron mount fight.
I used double tackle into true charge tech heavily in this fight:

And we got an A rank on that quest.
Goodjob, Oggy! Big Grin
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]

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