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Monster Hunter World Thread
So when when nobody else playing in squad session, I played random session, right.
And there's this japanese dude posting a quest then i figured, all right, i'll join him.

Turns out it's a USJ Japan Only quest!
USJ quest is a local japanese collab quest that only appeared in Japan and no where else, it featured 3 Jagras in an arena (normal size, giant size and mini size).
The mini jagras is so cute it's like the size of a house gekko hahahahhaha. Too bad the japanese dude bails out after that one quest, so that i can't make the special armors because i lack the special ingredients, dammmn.

Here's the fight:

Argh, i really want to craft that palico armor, lol.
[Image: 5a337d7475a97.jpg]

And finally, reached HR100.
[Image: ZF22XNn.jpg]

Next long term goal: Platinum.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
(04-02-2018, 02:39 AM)srw785 Wrote:
(04-01-2018, 09:26 PM)Oggy Ten Wrote: You must really need that Teostra tail.
What's your char name? I'm using data atm so I can't increase the resolution.

I didn't need tails I needed gems, but I figured if I need tails later I should get them now too.
Lol just read now that I typed tail. I meant gems haha. Indeed if you want gem, you carve the tail. If it's a humanoid though, you'd be carving the ass Big Grin

Then Dippy, you'd need to respond to Jagras event SOSes with that particular Star rank. Did you remember the star rank?
But even if you don't just respond to event SOS with Jagras as specific target

Now that I thought about it, monster gems could simply be monster hemorrhoids or tumors or solidified poop buildups that get stuck in the colon walls Big Grin

That's why you get stronger when you have them cos you're a dormant carrier of monster disease Big Grin Big Grin
Mega Nutrients

[Image: 9OIJBWdl.png]

1008 Attack
-15% affinity
510 (Hidden) fire element (So you could slap an ELEMENTLESS jewel)
2 level 1 slots
Natural White sharpness (I think Handicraft+2 is enough for this bad boy)
Rarity 7 (So you could augment it twice with warrior stones)

Best GS is coming out. Can't wait to build this tomorrow.
This thing will hit like a truck!!!! Or .... rocket. Lol
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
I guess I'll make one of those meself even though I never use weapons with negative affinity. -15 should be easy to compensate.

Anyway, I think Val's breath has been buffed It's killed me at least 4 times the whole day. That attack in particular.

Looks like either grinder or handicraft will be mandatory cos both the blue and white bar are too short. Bye bye versatility. I'd use this for 5-minute single hunts. Bully the crap out of them Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Close call. I literally had 1 hp left.

lol, I just started the quest and this happens 3 seconds in.

Alright, who farted?
(04-04-2018, 01:52 AM)Oggy Ten Wrote: I guess I'll make one of those meself even though I never use weapons with negative affinity. -15 should be easy to compensate.

Yeah -15 is easy to null out. Attack boost 4 will make it -10 then 1 crit augment will make it zero.
Or just use weakness exploit and have it crit anyways. Or use affinity boosters.

But really negative affinity on a GS shouldn't make you worry much. Bad on paper, but on practice, the non crit damage is still very high.
Remember my True Charge video on a sleeping Bazel? It didnt crit, but deals 1200 anyway. Hahahhaha. 

Up until now i believe Jho GS is best in terms of damage, and it is -30 affinity and im glad im using it, the damage is so high. But that may change when this rocket GS comes out... TONIGHT.
There's a 1.3gb patch btw. New contents! Yay.

[Image: z2YT7kq.png]

Daamnn, looks like its going to be live tomorrow, then. Not tonight.


hahahhaha hilarious vids. Give that kusha some deodorant. Must be really smelly.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Hah! 962 damage on Pineapple Head using my affinity GS. Not bad for a status weapon Big Grin

In the words of my 3yr old, "So much fun!" Hahahaha Big Grin

Oh, srw785, I started farming Majestic Horns. Just tried it once, I gotta log out of work for now, will resume later. I'd like to try a Cera Coilbender and compare it's performance to the bow I'm using now Big Grin

Btw, don't you have a nickname? Or did you have a previous name? It's kinda weird calling a friend srw785 haha Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Huh, now that I got a Cera Coilbender, Santa even crashed my final hunt, I don't know how to use it. I'm not familiar with the kinks of minus affinity. Tried it on Val and nearly fainted in less than 2 minutes I had to farcast meself out of battle and switched to my GL loadout. Then an hour or so.later, I tried Jho GS on a sleeping Kirin for the lulz but missed. So I had to deal with a pissed Kirin using a weapon that feels blunt
Mega Nutrients
I wasn't part of the old message board.
I tried bow too, I tried to copy a dash dancing video, it was embarrassing Tongue
I can't wait for Sakura Festival. When they say it's on the 6th, do they mean Japan time?
So tried a different setup for the coil bender and even made the Jho bow. But in the end I really need that defense against temp dragons so I went back to using the first bow I maxed out, the Ura bow Gigacles. The +30 defense is too hard to pass up
Mega Nutrients

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