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Monster Hunter World Thread
Dude what GS are you augmenting?
Is it Barroth Shredder III ? Or Jagras Hacker III ? Because those 2 are considered best tier 6 GS.

Both are elementless, so by slapping elementless jewels you could up its damage, and they can be augmented 3 times.
It's crazy.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
But jagras tree has water element right?

This GS gig is awesome. Landing that jumbo damage in a risky attempt is a thrill.
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Yes but in its final form it will lose the element and become elementless.

- 912 base raw BUT can be slapped an elementless jewel for more attack power
- has two lv3 slots
- can be augmented three times with 6 rarity stones, which is "easy"
- doesn't need handicraft as it cannot go to white sharpness.
Well ok blue sharpness is actually cons, but because you dont need handicraft you can slap more attack skills like crit boost/ attack boost/ whatever.

It's as ugly as fakk. I mean it's made from ugly ass Jagras for fak sake. Hahaha.

Quote:This GS gig is awesome. Landing that jumbo damage in a risky attempt is a thrill.

I know right! Wait until you mastered the paul shoulder tackle move.
If youre charging for a combo and you know the monster's gonna roar. Tackle his roar!
Bazelguese is ram shoulder you from afar? Tackle!
Nergigante is preparing his dive bomb attack? TACKLE!

(okay that last part is scary as hell and if you messed up you will die, but it's thrilling and manly as fakk hahahaha)
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Finally! Something I love Big Grin

So Roxy will be like Trish except it's Dante's skin hahaBig Grin
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^Alright, alright, I'm back, Capcom.
Geez. XD

... but when is it?
Probably wont soon enough, because next schedule event is deviljho, probably hits tonight or tomorrow.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Oh ok. *goes back to GTA Online

Anyway I remember I killed Kuluyaku with 1 damage but it barely registered on the screen cos of the smaller creatures and I thought people who don't use bowgun slice/sticky won't understand so I deleted it. Now I wish I still should have uploaded it to preserve it Sad
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March 22 update.
Deviljho has a weapon for every weapon type.
We're having events, first one starts on April 5, ends on April 18(lasts 2 weeks).
Megaman cat armor available from April 13-27.
There was a weapon design contest and the design that won can be gotten in an even on April 6. It doesn't say if there's an end date.
Weapon balances and bigfixes(the main ones are listed, but it says there will be a more comprehensive list when the update goes live.
There's gonna be character edit vouchers for sale, we'll get one for free. They're one time use.
There's some QoL changes at the end.
I won't edit my toon. She's perfect Big Grin

Anyway, Andy you should really come out of retirement. You ain't done with everything yet
[Image: zfUwn6X.jpg]
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