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Monster Hunter World Thread
On second thought, I think I'm burned out on Monster Hunter at the moment.
Your Radio Gaga song reminded me of GTA radios, Oggy. So Imma chill out stealing cars in GTA Online again while listening to Los Santos Rock Radio / Non-Stop Pop. Big Grin

Or play Tekken or something else in the mean time.
And i was testing a build when fighting Andy's Kirin, which didn't quite work on a Kirin because this build needs True Charge to land and I forgot i always use crit draw hits to Kirin. Haha.

See, the other day I found an augment for rarity 6 GS. My GS are all rarity 8, so I build final Jagras GS which is rarity 6, so i can try augment it.
So because i was curious about health regen augment, i augmented the Jagras GS with health regen.
The damage output on true charges is about 100 damage lower than my Val Hazak GS. But the regen potential is really really good.
When i first testing this I was fighting Teostra with a group and the whole time, didn't drink a single potion.

Here's a 30 sec vid highlighting the healing, on a solo tempered Val Hazak:

Vs Teostra:

So yeah it's good if youre the type of all out offense.
I'm still undecided whether to augment for even more attack power on my Vaal Hazak GS (which is my strongest GS atm) or health regen, IF i ever got that rarity 8 stone, since i can only augment it once.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
That is awesome info, I didn't have to watch the entirety of the Val Hazak clip to see how good it is but I did cos it's now an excellent prospect.

Btw Andy, you haven't gotten to the real end game where people farm tempered elders in 5-minute solo battles for augment pieces and jewels.
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^That sounded like a total grind. XD
I'll grind GTA Online for now, but will be back if there's an interesting event or something.
I been test-playing hammer in random sos quests when you guys left last night.
This afternoon I played solo investigation. I was enjoying the feeling of awesome damage and the bash sfx against this certain monster. But then I realized I have bashed this monster's skull with huge damage too many times, and the creature's face gets caught in the camera a lot, I started feeling sorry because I know it's already endured too much but won't start limping already. Anyway, after more torture, he was able to break free in a weak but desperate attempt it flung me and managed to fly to its nest. So out of mercy I captured it to end its suffering and give it a second chance at life. But then the victory sequence didn't play up even thought I already caught Barroth and this creature which was the quest objective. So opened my guidebook and saw that I caught a fucken pink rathian instead of a regular Rathian!!! For fukks' sake all that suffering for nothing. Ever known a guy who got beaten on the street cos he looked like somebody else?

So I hunted the real culprit. And released my frustration on these pests. I gotta tell you, it's really really gratifying.
Quest Highlight, swatting the annoying pests:

Man I'm such a bumbling cop, if I was working at GCPD, Gordon and Batman will kill me.

I think Deviljho will join the mountain of monster carcass
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^lol that's a good one. Case of mistaken identity.
"What? I didn't request you to hunt this ... thing."

Just a question: Is there a reason to equip more shield mods to the Heavy Bowgun?
Or just one is enough?
LOL hahahahaha!
Dont worry Oggy, Andy might stop for a while but i'm still going strong.

Hey lets do the arena quest. I still need to upgrade the non elemental GS Big Grin
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
"For awhile" is correct. XD
I mean the journey to HR100 is already looking ... overwhelming.
Plus, I already got the stuffs I wanted, two HBG variants, several LS, Aloy's Bow, and a neat armor variants. Goals were reached, for now.
A break once in a while is good while I work on my goals in other games. Big Grin.
(03-12-2018, 04:30 PM)Oggy Ten Wrote: That is awesome info, I didn't have to watch the entirety of the Val Hazak clip to see how good it is but I did cos it's now an excellent prospect.

Oh yeah i did have a 4 minute longer clip of that Val Hazak fight on my channel.
Also. Turns out that wearing medicine jewels (recovery up skill) can affect the healing factor, up to +30%. I might have to try that.

And health regen works depends on every single hits you land. The more damage you can dish out per hits, the more healing you will get.
That's why on vids above, the most notable regen was where when my true charge landed.

So naturally, high attack power and critical builds are essential for health regen play.

What also good (in theory because i havent tested it) are: 
- Peak performance. Peak performance skill is giving you more attack power when your health is full. So by going offensive and getting your health full all the time because of health regen, your attack will go up.
- Heroics / Latent Power. Those skills are risky because you need to be at low health for the skill to be activated. But when they do, your attack rise drastically, giving you more regen attack.
- Agitator. This nergigante skill is giving you attack and crit buff whenever the monster is at angry status, which happens VERY often, and probably those are the times you need healing.

TLDR IMO health regen is awesome augment option if you're into full offensive build/playstyle.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
I told you guys last night I keep getting GS augments even though I rarely use GS. Well I got no choice but to use them on a weapon with high affinity.
I slapped 1 regen and 1 afinity upgrade for +10% affinity.
I would have done another affinity augment but it only gives 5% more for the second affinity augment so I put another regen augment. Now my para GS has 2regen and 1 affinity augment. I rarely use potions as well haha. I'm kicking ass in random SOS for a GS novice Big Grin
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