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SoulCalibur VI Discussion Thread

Finally we have a sequel!
- Unreal Engine 4
- PS4, Xbox  One, PC
- 2018

I hope it's good.
I was expecting it to happen sometime, very likely to use Tekken 7's engine/resources. I'm curious to see what guest characters are going to be in the game given the franchises history and how many suprises Tekken 7 had.
I hope we get William from Nioh.
Hrrm. Sure looks like some sort of reboot/soft reboot thing with a story excuse.

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. I've felt like they've long had no clue what to do with the series but kept it going because it was so popular anyway. V seemed like it finally had some guts, but pretty clearly seemed starved for resources and wasn't nearly as big a splash as it should've been. So flipping the table at this late date might be reasonable.
Considering it's a very young Mitsurugi instead of the grumpy old man from V, yeah it's probably reboot or takes place in earlier continuity instead of after SCV.
That twin blade/double sided sword might've been a combination of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur... and on the other arm there was a dark blue gauntlet... might be Nightmare/Siegfried.
On the bright side, no more Alexandra kids. Bye Pattycake and Pyrrha!
Bring back Cassandra!
I liked Pyrrha though, she was cute.
Maybe it's an alternate timeline thing.
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
It's most likely a Prequel or Reboot. THe last games had one of the ending basically wrap everything up and showed our modern world in a several hundred years later style.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
^Isn't that Sazalamel's ending in SCIV?

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