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SoulCalibur VI Discussion Thread
New Trailer:

Also shows a little more from the Character creator, that things seems to have a lot of options.
Raphael is in.

Now I need Cassandra and Setsuka. Hilde is unlikely.
Quote:Warriors, prepare yourself for online battles on PS4 & X1! You are invited to help us test our online network for SOULCALIBUR VI. Login and play RANKED MATCH mode!

Download the #SOULCALIBUR VI network test on September 27th and draw your weapons on September 28th at 8AM PDT.

Oh I will be playing the beta test. Big Grin
Quote:The Soul Calibur 6 Network Test client download is live on the European PlayStation Store. Weighs in at 2.72 GB.

I do have European account, but maybe I'll wait for US or Asian (if they decided to bring the English version there).
USA version up.
So I tried the beta. Some of my impressions are:
- Ivy looks gooooooood.
- Taki looks gooooooood.
- Talim looks incredibly creepy
- The gameplay is very cinematic and cool
- The loading time is fast. Way faster than Tekken 7 ever be.
- Searching for opponents took FOREVER. Sad
- We totally need a practice mode while waiting for oponnent. I got destroyed since I barely knows anything. ^^

Bought the game. The download would probably take a night.
Also bought it and played a little.
So far I'm impressed with my only critique so far being that there are a lot less CAS Parts for now. Then again looking at the HORRORS people already have created with what's avaible it's not bad.
^I noticed that too. Some of my equipments doesn't make it to VI. Sad
Overall I've heard the game is pretty meh, and nothing worth all the hype that was built up. It just seems to be the same old thing, only worse because Create a character was gimped.
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