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SoulCalibur VI Announced at TGA, 2018.
New Trailer:

Also shows a little more from the Character creator, that things seems to have a lot of options.
Raphael is in.

Now I need Cassandra and Setsuka. Hilde is unlikely.
Quote:Warriors, prepare yourself for online battles on PS4 & X1! You are invited to help us test our online network for SOULCALIBUR VI. Login and play RANKED MATCH mode!

Download the #SOULCALIBUR VI network test on September 27th and draw your weapons on September 28th at 8AM PDT.

Oh I will be playing the beta test. Big Grin
Quote:The Soul Calibur 6 Network Test client download is live on the European PlayStation Store. Weighs in at 2.72 GB.

I do have European account, but maybe I'll wait for US or Asian (if they decided to bring the English version there).
USA version up.
So I tried the beta. Some of my impressions are:
- Ivy looks gooooooood.
- Taki looks gooooooood.
- Talim looks incredibly creepy
- The gameplay is very cinematic and cool
- The loading time is fast. Way faster than Tekken 7 ever be.
- Searching for opponents took FOREVER. Sad
- We totally need a practice mode while waiting for oponnent. I got destroyed since I barely knows anything. ^^


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