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SoulCalibur VI Announced at TGA, 2018.

Hi Ivy!

And Sazalamel! Long time no see!
Apparently the producer on this game sent out some frustrated tweets, then deleted them.

Soul Calibur V rather infamously not only appeared to be a rushed product, but was said to be one by its director, so unsurprisingly this has people extra nervous. It's possible this is just general depression over the poor work-life balance these companies promote, but like...that ain't good either!
So sad to read that.
I just hope the quality isnt any worse than SCV.

And we got Geralt of Rivia instead of Noctis. Good riddance. XD
Dippy's ecstatic about it.

Nice zoom.
First words "You are in too deep."
Next words "Focus and release."
Is a tit ninja.


I'm gonna use english dub just because of Taki's sexual innuendos lol
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
And we have the troll Yoshimitsu.
[Image: DdZ5NdsVwAEcXHj?format=jpg]
[Image: DdZ5OHRVwAEMuWG?format=jpg]
[Image: DdZ5PLQV0AACfHI?format=jpg]
[Image: DdZ5POtUwAY3IPL?format=jpg]

Video might be deleted by Namcops.

Welcome back, Talim!


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