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SoulCalibur VI Discussion Thread
The update of SoulCalibur VI broke the game. Lots of people got banned for no reason at all. And we're just waiting for 2B to drop FFS.

I think it's safe to say, I wouldn't run the game for now and just play Hitman 2.
[Image: 62a90b00896dc69f48e6ef1e6d9ee973e78557b3-1204741.jpg]
2B is out!

And the problem with banning online has been resolved. So game on!
Not just 2B but also Cassandra and most importantly of all, Amy have been datamined.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Guess we have the remaining DLC characters.
^Oooh. Me want Cassandra! Big Grin

Anyway, me and Runemaster (Dippy) was testing out 2B last night. Damn she's super cheap.

A lot of people are really mad because Amy and Cassandra should have been in the base game and not held hostage as DLC since they're both popular characters.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Meh, "A lot of people are really mad" is pretty much a thing you can say about every AAA game these days. They had to pick characters for DLC that people would actually buy so what better than characters who wouldn't be normally playable at this point in the story anyway? Of course there could be more cameos but people where complaining about 2B too. Yes really :/ Then again Cervantes is playable who was not in SC1 if I remember right.
Of course the counter argument here is why have DLC anyway? It is a big money maker for companies now and won't go away anytime soon but one doesn't have to be happy about it.
My road to 10.000 RP with The True Form of Nightmare!

(vs 17k RP opponent... never thought the match would be over that fast)
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Please delete that character .... forever ;_;
(12-20-2018, 02:54 PM)Shear Wrote: Please delete that character .... forever ;_;

It's "Nightmare" to watch, right?  

Bonus points:
if he loses all clothes he will wear a red and blue stars and stripes undies.
Too bad until now he haven't got that far.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]

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