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Macross Delta
I'm guessing that pun is lost on the Japanese since they will most likely view "Messer" as the German word for knife.
(06-10-2016, 09:23 AM)Garou Wrote: I'm guessing that pun is lost on the Japanese since they will most likely view "Messer" as the German word for knife.

I know that. I'm just giving my opinion anyways, I'm not claming the Japanese could know about the pun, since I'm just making a sarcastic commentary about the topic.
Episode 11.

Remember 16.

I really hate it when shows kill a great character off early.
After Keith put a hole in Messer's heart, Messer then put a hole in Keith's heart.
Messer death had a great impact on the entire cast of Delta, and now we thing's start happening. Things are now getting serious, they have a big ship to take down.
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So far I'm in a love hate relationship with this show. I don't really like the Valcure thing at all. I know Singing has always been a part of this franchise, but at least in the other series (minus 7) the Singing and piloting was usually kept seperate. For a lot of the earlier episodes and a few here and there, they keep focusing on whatever the Valkure girls are doing, and having them jump through the battlefields. (Though in this case it mainly happened inthe earlier episodes). The overall plot itself also suffers from some bad pacing problemes. Look at the last 2 episodes. 15 ended with a big revelation about Hayate's father being an old friend of his CO, and apparently did something to be hated. What happens in 16? Nothing, they entirely just ignored this and nothing became of it.

My favorite part of the show though is the characters themselves. Hayate, Mirage, and Frejya are probably my favorite triad to date, if not tied with the Macross 30 group. Plus most of the side characters are likeable and entertaining as well. (Except Mukamo or whatever the lead valcure singers name is).

Ironically in that regard, it might also be the shows weakest point. The Hayate x Mirage x Frejya Triangle. So far Mirage has been treated pretty poorly compared most of the other heroines in the franchise. So far she's basically just been friendzoned by Hayate the entire time, mean while Hayate and Freyja have bonding moements in almost every scene. Actually, recently even Mirage's actress commneted that she doesn't like how Mirage's character is being handled.

I'm hoping the last 9 episodes will smooth things out a bit.
Just saw episode 17.

Man, another episode where nothing much really happened. Just the girls whoring themselves (And I mean this literally, they were whoring themselves, selling sexy pictures, etc to raise funds), and more of Mirage just "being there" with no real purpose.

They did at least reveal what Hayate's father did. And...called it. >.>
So episode 19 revealed what I suspected with regards to the Var Syndrome being tied to the Vajras and giving us a history lesson of the Macross franchise (sans Macross Zero for some reason). They still didn't reveal who the hell Lady M is, or the Star Singer Roid is talking about.
Spoiler Show
And I can't help but suspect that both may be tied to Minmay and now there's a possibility Mikumo is too, being the ultimate Song Weapon

And yeah, I am starting to lose interest in the series as it goes on, mainly because I never liked Walkure (in spite them being very popular in the character polls). But at least this isn't as bad as Taboo Tattoo.....
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Same, never cared for Walkure, and especially Mikumo since they try too hard to make her look "cool mysterious and edgy", but she comes off as a total bitch most of the time. I actually like the other 4 girls as characters on their own, just not Mikumo and the concept of Walkure.

And as I mentioend earlier, way too much time time has been spent on the Walkure and windmerian singing pissing contest then actual combat. At least Frontier constantly had battles and other things going on. So far the latter half of Delta has just been "Sit there and wait for stuff to happen".

Overall 19 was at least good as a refresher and didn't feel as bad as a clip show.

Too bad the 30 seconds of development Mirage got here will probably never happen again. No wonder her actress doesn't like how things are going.

Ending song wise this episodes outro theme is probably one of my more favorite macross songs. Need to nab it once it's officially out.
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Episode 20. Apparently Freyja's singing turns Hayate into a freaking Coordinator and Mirage pretends to be Bi just to confess her feelings to Hayate. I honestly couldn't care for Walkure's attempt to rescue Mikumo and their songs are starting to get even more annoying because they repeat it so much.

Mirage x Freyja shipping doujin, when?

Trivia: Although Mikumo is the oldest member of Walkure her VA (specifically her singing VA), JUNNO, is actually the youngest of the cast at 15. You wouldn't tell as she sings like a more mature person.
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Same, and it doesn't help that overall it was another boring episode where nothing really happened. The only good part out of it was Kaname solo rendition of Giraffe Blues, the only song in the show so far that I liked besides whatever ED19 was. I can't stand most of Walkures music.

Mirage, her character just keeps getting handled worse and worse, her VA complaining about it is just all the more justified.

Pilot skill? How needs that! Just turn on the radio .
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I'm actually enjoying Walkure's music more than most of Ranka and Sheryl's music from Frontier, but that's just my opinion.

Yeah the show is dragging pretty damn slow right now....

Although there seems to be something sinister going on in the Windemire front with Roid being very very sneaky, so much so that even Keith is questioning him now.

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