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Kamen Rider Black English Cover (Ft Kanono) (30 years 1987 - 2017)
Here's Kamen Rider Black English cover by Kanono to celebrate 30 years of the series. 

Link to view -

Video link below:

Originally released in 1987 which was translated as Masked Rider Black, it focuses on Kohtaro Minami facing against Gorgom whilst protecting Japan. With its dramatic storyline, twist of the Kamen Rider having a tragic relationship with his arch-nemesis and great soundtrack and opening song, it was one of my favourite Kamen Rider series' I grew up with
The song was used as the opening and made a few changes. Due to having existing harmonies, had to change some of the lyrics in order for them to make sense but Bree Page tried her best not to stray away from the original song meaning. Kanono decided to do its own take rather than copying the original Tetsuo Kurata singer.

On top, I got SidneyKun's permission to use their Kamen Rider Black cosplay outfit with Cosplay With Me doing the photography for the graphic image and We Love Tony Wong Photography doing the photography for the thumbnail image.
Due to a last minute problem with one of my current projects at the time, this was done in a rush so hopefully the final results are all fine.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


Singer and audio mixing: Kanono -
Lyrics: Bree Page -
Kamen Rider Black cosplayer: SidneyKun -
Graphic photographer: Cosplay With Me -
Thumbnail photographer: We Love Tony Wong Photography -
Producer, English subtitles, basic video and graphic editing, production organisation etc.: mynameissport / AJ -
Subscribe on Youtube -
Like on Facebook -
Follow on Twitter - / @mynameissport
Now that, my friend, is cool!

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