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Macross Frontier: The Song of Life
Huh, one of the boss kills I just did threw a Fighter God Gundam at me.
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Ozma asks if Ranka is still unconcious and Rain confirms that she is still has injuries, Zessica don't quite get why those 3 where the only affected, woun't be better to just take out everyone?, and Hayate says that its probably a thing that they share, Kaname adds that she can fell Mikage he needs certain conditions to be able to interact with the other, and while everyone is a target for him, the person needs to meet certain conditions, Freya gets down because she thinks that is probably because of love, and Hayate reprehends her talking that if Alto is down he needs to do the job now, after all its like that for him, Mirage gets mad at Hayate.

Them they begin accreting a plan to make Wulkure sings to counter Mikage powers, its probably possible ReiRei accepts the plan as doable, and Mikumo its ready to sing like always however Freya is not on her best we are attacked like always.

~~~Battle ~~~

Some grunts are beaten and Mikage shows up (i like the new Mikage art), and now he fells doubt on Hayato's heart  (see boys? you should select one girl not make both fell in love with you and be a jerk)


we are back at the base, Hayato survived, Rain is still treating the others and Kaname preparing the girls to sing, Alto its finally up again, and the girls are finally read to rock the thing, Mirage and Hayato are prepared to fell their wind again, Ozma ask if Alto is allright and he is, suddenly the alarm raises again the characters don't get time to flew much its another attack.

and look its Kagura he is defeated again, Alto and Hayate talk about their girlfriends conditions on the hangar before sortie.


and here we go again, continuing the previous battle, Alto,Mirage and Hayato sortie, this time with Wulkure backup and they meet Mikage, things are not exactly going well..

as Freya stays with Sheryll and Ranka and both of them wake up almost at the same time, Sheryll wants to get out to help since she can encourage Alto with her songs, Ranka fells the same, Freya don't understand them she thinks that it can be dangerous they can be hurt again, Sheryll don't care about this, when Anemone arrives and warn the noobs that she is deploying if no one is, she will be taking the singers.

everyone arrives riding and after a looooooooong and strange talk about love and stuff, Freya decides to sing, with Wulkure buff, Hayato and Mirage get hyper fast with hax, and the final blow its dealt by the two Aquarions
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Stopped at 200 kills. Got no SSR unit from this event gacha. Feels like a waste of time and effort.
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Finally, the first SSR has greeted me, after 250 kills and about so many Red Coins..
That took a while, all for 1 dupe Renton.

Done with the event.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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Since I could full auto the stage, I did a ton of pulls. Here's all I have to show for it:
Eureka (enemy drop)
Eureka (Enemy Gacha)
Master Asia (200 enemy coin)
Queadluun-Rea (enemy drop)
Queadluun-Rea (enemy drop)
Queadluun-Rea (enemy drop)
Queadluun-Rea (enemy drop)
Queadluun-Rea (enemy drop)
Shining Gundam (Enemy Gacha)

Only 2 SSR from the gacha..
I wanted Santa Gunbuster.
Oochi runied Christmas Sad .
I should still have one pull left in me, but I'm not at my computer. I got a Taiki Anemone and a Fighter God, as well as random assorted Klans, so I'm happy.
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I stopped a couple of days ago at 250.
No SSR either.
I got an Eureka and a taiki Master Asia as well from Enemy Gacha, foe drops where 2 or 3 Klans, but I also got but 1 OMG Gunbuster.
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i got nothing only Klan but them again i didn't played this a lot, i think i used more time translating the story than playing the game this time
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I got Alto from the 1 cost pull, and went for his pilot part. Klan wise I only got 1, and that was from a lucky drop at kill 20. Though Im just deleting it since if it's not loli Klan I don't care, and I don't want in in comlpete unit.
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