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Macross Frontier: The Song of Life
I never ever bothered with ranking on these events
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

(12-03-2017, 10:12 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: I logged off yesterday ranked 360. Today I woke up at rank 1021
Should I not sleep?

nah, not worth it.

You need to spend many OMG (about 50, if you don't have BP stocked up) and not sleep to get in the top 100.
Which, I have done and never doing that again.
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X-Omega: 117807236
Yeah, I'm not doing that. Big Grin
It's just that I got a day off yesterday so I spent all my BPs.
I do like that I don't need to spend more than one BP for every FOE, so that's one.

Doesn't looked like I can amass enough OMGs for another step-up, so my OMG Gunbuster will stay at 60. For now.
Damn just noticed the last seishin for Ozma/Ranka Lee "pilot part" : next hit received > 70% damage reduced for yourself and your nearby allies (a weaker but AoE 不屈 seishin)

I though this unit was great overall as a support, but now I'm really thinking about getting it ... but that damn 30% step gasha >_>

Last seishin for Alto/Sheryl is also very nice (For 3 turns, acc/eva/CRT rate +30% and 300 action gauge up)
Chapter 2

Quote:Alto,Sheryll,Ozma and Ranka arrived via a Crossgate, on XMG verse 2, they are found by Domon and Rain and join on a operation to find the crossgate to take them back home, by this time Amata and the new Aquarion kids that also arrived via a Crossgate where amazed discovering that the legendary aquarion really existed, ReiRei adds to the confusion, sayign that this verse can be the past, and they come from the future hence why the stories of the Macross crew math but Aquarion crew don't match, on a side note Kagura also arrives and he wants Mikono

Hayato and the others are trying a simulator Hayato aks if they always try simulators like that, and Silva questions if this all don't look like a game they are interrupted by Domon

Domon -- don't waste time on useless talk if you're going to do a simulated battle, go on with it already.

Mirage them is anxious to fight the skull platoon she warns everyone that the one leading the S.M.S skull platoon is extremely dangerous, and she continues.

Mirage -- That Alto pilot its also a Top Ace, he has a incredible record on the Varja battle.

Mirage talk lets Alto looks at her grinding his teeth, Hayato them adds that it will be fun, and Mirage interrupts him continue her lecture on the enemy while Hayato its ready to go on and tell her that if they are such a wild and incredible pilots they don't have to bother with that, just ride along he learned that much, Alto its ready to fight the Delta Platoon and Ozma tells him to give his all, Apollo will fight alongside the Delta Platoon and  Amata alongside the skull platoon.

[Image: dn2sYAK.png]

~~ Battle ~~

Hayato -- well, we lost..
Amata -- it was too much (Mikono fells sorry)
Appolo -- what's that about he quit the battle?
Silrius -- let him be
Zessica -- that amateur its already breaking down
Mirage -- i will be honest, i didn't really believed that the gap on skill between the Delta and Skull platoon was that big... i'm really being honest and now i'm feeling miserable and depressed after all that i said
Klan --  in the end we won, but you fly was pretty good
Mirage -- thanks
Hayato -- that was not the first time that i lost a dogfight like that
Alto -- excuse me?
Hayato -- i already flew along a man that ride just like you. (Keith or Messer Hayato?)
Alto -- ha hah aha
Hayato -- why the laugh?!
Alto -- ah nothing, jus that you're a funny guy, i'm Saotome Alto
Hayato -- Hayato it was a pleasure.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Chapter 3 (i really need to use OMGS to increase my garage space again)

After the training Mirage meets with Sheryl on the girls change room, Sheryll ask Mirage about her training schedule, and why Hayate its so competitive, questioning her if she goes on training like that everyday for some reason, as well as Hayate.

Mirage -- its complex to explain, on the beginning he was pretty rebellious didn't hear me or Lieutenant Messer , he changed latter, its complicated for me as well... but i need to improve.

Mikono and Zessica talks about how Amata also fells bad about losing to Apollo so easily and Klan says that its time for the girls to go out to the war room while Anemone make a comment saying that everyone is being anxious because their partners found rivals, and Freya adds that its love, other Aquarion girl says that they are probably all thinking about being alone with their pretty boys doing dirty things, some of the girls deny others not , Mikono its interested of how to make things happens, while Zessica is ready to go all out and learn from Sheryl herself, they try to bring Mirage into the mess but she skips the bullet by saying that to her all there is are battles and training, so Freya its more than ready to take her place.

Freya ask Sheryl  about her situation, she has a short life spam than Hayato, and Sheryl just says that since they both live on the same world under the same sky there's nothing holding her back, Ranka confirms saying that love its not bond by race or anything like that.

[Image: NKGUPkx.png]

~~ Battle ~~

while the girls are talking about love the boys (and Mirage) are batting among themselves, results are the same Mirage and Hayate lose to Alto while Apollo beats Amata.


Freya its with Ranka and Sheryl on the place the training is happening she ask if they where listening to her song,she also wants to see they both sing, Mikono is amazed that Freya can says that she only have 30 years of life with a a happy face, Freya says that she is not a kid and want to fly as well.

[Image: Ub6OIKI.png]
The singer from this event's BGM seems the same as the one from Souten no Ken (Hokuto no Ken prequel) opening. Great somg.

X-O Friend ID: 180957233
How are you going on friend kills? has anyone reached 50 yet?
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
doubt, no one ever needs help on these missions anymore, the power creep its too big all the recent Taiki units with no bonus can melt the bosses till lvl 100 using 1 BP.

there's request for aid
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I only got two friend help request so far. So there's no way I can get any. :/

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