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Macross Frontier: The Song of Life
^So how does it work? I just have to upgrade the thing using limit break crystal until it's level 75, then feed it another omega Gunbuster?
You can get it to 80 with crystals, but to unlock it's special you need to feed it an actual duplicate. Aka as if making it impossible to get the crystals wasn't enough, now they force you to whale twice as much in a non guaranteed gacha.
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(12-01-2017, 02:38 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: ^So how does it work? I just have to upgrade the thing using limit break crystal until it's level 75, then feed it another omega Gunbuster?

OMG Gunbuster its a normal Taiki unit, you can level break Noriko with these units:

- SSR Defender Gunbuster (Girls Base/R-Chip shop)
- Limit Break Crystal
- Of course another Omega Gunsbuster.

i heavily discourage using Limit break crystals on units that you can get from the base gacha, i used ZERO of them on my Omega Kallen to get her to 75.

you can level her to 80 that way, if you somehow get another one you feed one to the other can get the unlock OMG Hisatsu, if you don't want to risk the gacha again its ok, you can wait because i'm sure that they will release a item to unlock the OMG Hisatsus, because the system is stupid.

someone interested on the story of this?
Its never too late to start loving again

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(12-01-2017, 03:19 AM)Mai Wrote: someone interested on the story of this?

Yes, I like Frontier,
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Wow OMG Gunbuster Hisatsu animation its pretty long lol XD i liked it.


Chapter 1

The story begins with Fudou

Fudou - Songs.... themselves are nothing more than vibrations on the air, but its different when these vibrations called songs echoes trough the galaxy and space-time itself, that creative vibration that can reach time,and aslo broke a world, this is about a new song.


Now we are back with Alto that was deploying after they found something strange on the radars.

Alto -- Strange i tough that the reaction that i found was around here

Klan warns him that these things can change places its nothing really that weird for her, they are contacted by Domon that says that the Space abnormality has been confirmed, and Amata points out that his instructor Domon found it as he expected.

Rain -- we deal with space abnormalities on a frequent basis its normal around here (tell the noobs Rain! tell them about the giant salelite that wanted to go to the beach!) its not like this is a first case.

Ozma them points that they apparently can't go back until the thing return and that can take some months, Alto is frustrated because they're here for some weeks already and found nothing, Klan laments and Amata its not worried since he is with everyone else, and Zessica points out that its ok since she is here with him, and Amata that get all exited by not being able to response her and begins floating (oh now i remember why i disliked this character and the heroine of this show)

Mikono wants to make Amata floats too but lets ignore her

Klan -- how survive the enemies like that? joking around like this?

before can can finish Rain confirms a cross gate opening near she knows this reaction.

Alto and the others go to  check on it.

~~ Battle ~~

oh its Kagura

Kagura -- found you bloody bitch 

Mikono -- that's supposed to be me?

Ozma gives order to protect Aquarion Evol

Kagura -- i came far to getting you, i waited long enough you will be mine.

shortly after Rain confirms another Cross gate and look its Hayate and Mirage they got lost again

Hayate -- hey that's not our world

Mirage -- we got lost again...

Mikono see the Aquarion that accompanied the Delta Squad and looks amazed

Mikono -- Amata look it looks like the Aquarion of the myths

~~~~~~~Battle End ~~~~~~~~~

If you lost the previous event, Macross Delta its from the regular Aquarion world/Eureka Seven/Votoms/Gainer world, the post apocalypse one, Silva and co where to guide them back home on the end of the event.

They all get back and reunite at the Macross Quatte where the characters have a chat with the  game queen Anemone that jokes on the noobs for not finding their way home, or finding they way back and its reprehended by her boyfriend, Mikono is amazed that there's the people that piloted the Myth Aquarion, Hayate ask Mikono why the surprise its another world, different things are to be expected, Alto counters him saying that its not good not knowing these things.

Kaname -- The nature of the parallel worlds cannot be understood so easily, they had different things and we don't know what affect them, they have a different Axia feeling.

Sheryl -- in other worlds no motives for surprise since they can just be you...paralel versions (talking about Amata,Zessica and Mikono), and there's a chance that another me exists around here?

ReiRei -- yes its possible

Makina -- but on our world, Sheryll and Ranka tale exists, and its unchanged they look just like you so it must not be that, the galatic fairy and the space cinderella tale.

Ranka - Thanks

The Aquarion cast begin a really confusing and meanginless conversation regarding what they represent to each other and Mirage interrupts them saying that its normal to be confused and Klan adds to not let it go over their heads, its normal for her if she finds her as a human around here.

Hayate -- but we do have a problem, when sawing Sheryl and Ranka .... *looks at Freya*

Mirage -- she fainted

Mikono -- how Immature (you're one to talk -_-)

Kaname -- so in our case even if we are the same, and our story matches the total feedback don't match for all our situations 

Hayato adds for the 101 time that how crossgates works, and Fudou enters and says that Left and Right exists to meet each other however they will clash eventually  when it happens.

[Image: 2NRlHRz.png]

I do like how the game gives Kaname the main spotlight of the Delta girls singer, she is really the best flashed out character of all the troope.

Also if you're missing Taiki Eureka,Anemone AND solar Aquarion are on the event via rival coins
120 kills, and Klan is finished with one extra Quadran Rea. :/
Now what to do with this extra one...
Hey people i fixed the english of the 1st chapter translation so now you can try to read it Big Grin

sorry about that its hard to write on the phone, someone please rip the themesong for the Macross Frontier units of this game, because its freaking awesome
Its never too late to start loving again

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It's Sayonara no Tsubasa vocal, YouTube will claim it if you post it.
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Yes! Got my 1 OMG Gunbuster! Big Grin
And I was just ready buying a TLB crystal from arena so I could bring her to lvl 70 by feeding it with a regular lvl 65 Gunbuster.
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I logged off yesterday ranked 360. Today I woke up at rank 1021
Should I not sleep?

nah, not worth it.

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