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New SRW (?) to be revealed in December
Yeah... my optimism for that kind of stuff ran out a long time ago... I've been burned too many times over the state of localizations in the gaming industry. I'm too cautious these days, but every once in a while I'm pleasantly surprised about things.
I'm expecting a new OG. It's too early for a new saga, IMHO. If it's not an OG, I'm pretty sure it will be the last 3DS.
In the interview with Watanabe, that Dengeki posted, she said that she is amazed at the new art from Itoh (OG designer for OG) and Chiyoko (OG deisgner for portable games), meaning they are both working on some game.
Sadly Sachiko Kohno did not retweet the event, so I guess I shouldn't expect any new characters from her Sad
We're not getting a new OG saga ever, bad we're not getting a new OG early next year. MAYBE late next year or early 2019 at the earliest.

Hedging my bet to a 3DS SRW, since it will have been about two and a half years since BX when it comes out, and that's enough time.
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That's a pretty reasonable guess and I wouldn't be surprised if it's right.
A 3DS game is highly probable at this point. But I won't be too happy
Ironically I would play an XOmega gameplay style (non F2P) SRW game for console LOL.
Need some tweaks here and there and make the battles longer of course.
hello everyone new user here Smile while I might not know much I do think it would be nice to have SRW game on the switch ( not exclusive) and maybe its because I get the feeling Namco wants to put more games on the new system lately ( could be wrong but pls correct me) as for the Vita I love that system with all my heart but Sony really screwed the system over and I'm not sure if this is related ( and I hope @yazi or someone corrects me) but I remember the president of Falcom saying in a interview regarding one of their games "the Vita's Popularity has been dying down as of late" Now I'm not sure if this info is credible but I'm hoping someone corrects me Smile
Welcome to the site Omini_Blue!

Vita is a dead system in the US, its still active in Japan but not for much longer as the system is showing its age but its still a powerful handheld system and cheaper to develop for with smaller budget games compared to the big consoles, and cross-save is thing between some Vita and PS4 games. Sony of America is to blame for the system's failures because of the lack of development on it from western studios, while in Japan it had a lot of support, especially with visual novels and turn based RPGs that were more powerful specs wise compared to the 3DS.

As for the Switch, multiplatform games aren't that well sold on Nintendo systems for the most part, the portability aspect is kind of limited especially since the battery life is a joke (3 hours I believe?). Its still a new system so development time/costs is more of a issue compared to systems like the PS4 and 3DS that have been on the market for many years now. Plus, this is Banpresto, they haven't done multiplatform games to my knowledge aside from the Vita & PS3/PS4 combo.
Hi Omini_Blue, welcome to the forum!

I love the Vita, but tbh, I haven't touched it in several months. Sad
I need something exclusive for the Vita. Something like SRW Generations (in a G Gen style) or something.
But that's not gonna happen.
Taking a look at Vita releases set to come out in the next few months across all regions, it seems to chiefly consist of, unsurprisingly, ports. It is definitely not beyond the realm of possibility that whatever the next SRW is will be cross platform on Vita, as it would've already been in development.

I would suspect Vita stuff will continue to slow down in the next year and then finally dry up within 2019, maybe 2020 at the latest. Enough time that I would not be shocked if there's one or two cross platform SRW ports on it.

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