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New SRW (?) to be revealed in December
dammit about time (And I hope it's not more Cross Omega crap)
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Oh, siliconera is also calling it a new srw series, we are getting a new srw game! alright!
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Really? Interesting.
Let's wait for something then.
Its always good to have SRW related news and all but isn't this "The" yearly event?!
its a thanks giving stream according to their site, there's nothing that hints X-OMG this time.

its a new game announce, SRW Swicth probably
Its never too late to start loving again

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Ug, I hope it's not for the Switch. More PS4 SRW please! \o.o/
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I'm hoping for the last 3DS SRW. Switch is WAY too early (would be less than a year developing on the system, I'm getting bad nightmares of Shin and Impact and MXP and UX to a minor extent) and another PS4 SRW so soon would have nil development time since V came out a year ago by its release.

It could be a new 3D team SRW I guess.
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OG5 starring Oleev and the Solis girls, it's all that needs to happen.
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If it does end up being Switch, it's yet another reason it's good news Nintendo stopped region locking - getting Japanese games digitally on it was incredibly easy too, last I checked. I would figure we'll probably get one eventually, but yeah, maybe not so much this early.

Please keep going forever, beloved Super Robot Wars
I'm guessing its likely to be PS4 SRW game and skipping the Vita too, very likely to have a asian english version too. I don't see much impact for import sales for Switch, and that its too early development wise to have a SRW game on the Switch too.

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