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Emel Debut: For this wonderfull encounter
(11-27-2017, 03:51 PM)Hokuto73 Wrote: Andy: yes base gacha 6.

Got attacker Haman from tickets, is she any good? I still have taiki Haman at lvl 60... I'd like to feed her to the taiki version unless she's very rare and/or any good.
From the reading I did on dengeki she doesn't seem to be anything special... Mai? (I know you have taiki Haman maxed)

she has the best M,A,P Weapon for normal mode of the entire game, on my opinion.

Haman Hisatsu modifier its of 850% on the funnels however it only cost her 2 cores, so basically for 4 cores she can hit 850% x 2 on a short interval of time, also she its a commander for shooters, that's out of meta now obviously and she don't work under the new meta of super commanders none of them can take Quebeley on their teams (but that goes for most of the other units anyway)

i would feed to the Taiki there's no point on keeping the attacker Haman since if you somehow get the Omega Haman, she will for sure be stronger than the Taiki because pretty much like Kallen, Taiki Haman was one of the first Taiki units released, her kit its very very very old, her seishins are very good, and she can reach a really high DPS with awakening, but all her abilities are bad with low modifiers. 

feed it, no point in holding a the attacker Haman, the Taiki one also has the evade + aim buff, since its from her pilot part.

just bring Eureka and a lot of dmg dealers Andy you will never die
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

cool, thanks Mai.
X-O Friend ID: 180957233
Got Olive on the very last day of the event -_- well she will probably be useful on the Macross event with a killer skill lvl 1
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Chapter 1 -

Chapter 2:

Mechanic --  maitenance its complete

Olive -- i'm ready too

Mechanic -- lets start them

Olive -- ok

*Emmel arrives on the sub hangar where Olive and the Solis team 1 train

Emmel -- you're really here

Olive -- Miiss Emmel?

Mechanic -- what's wrong? Something happened?

Emmel -- no i just heard that Senior Olive was here

Olive - you wanted to see me?

Emmel -- there' nothing exactly special about it but....

Olive -- huh?

Emmel -- I still have training to do, but i got curious there's many machines on this hangar

Olive -- yeah...that's...

Mechanic -- yeah i'm trying to do a better one i'm not going to hide it.

Olive -- its a secret because its out own project for my own improvement.

Emmel -- extra training huh?

(basically Olive has been doing extra training sections on her own)

Mechanic -- i need more skills its still pretty bad, i'm embarassed (yeah not a Taiki yet O_O)

Olive -- don't say that we will finish it

Emmel -- there's nothing to be embarrassed about

Olive -- you really think so?... i don't fell improving

Emmel -- you have a firm grip i could sense it, its good to aim on a target to reach

Mechanic -- can you help Olive train them?

Emmel -- me?

Olive -- yeah as you said there's more than one machine here

Emmel -- sure

Mechanic -- i'm going to prepare the second machine.

-- Battle -

Mechanic -- thanks its enough for today

Olive -- okay

Emmel -- there's something more that i have to do today?

Olive -- yes some laps around the facility


Olive tells Emmel that she is training harder to make up for the pas mistakes of her team, she is sure that she can do it, Emmel ask if she runs like that everyday and she answers that she began recently, Emmel says that she can't keep up with Olive stamina, when Olive say that she have to return day is over
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

They need to fire that mechanic and get so.eone who can build a damn taiki!

In his defense he's probably distracted by the lewedness of the Solis girls, especially Emmel and Oleev''s high sizes and barely covered rears flashing about.....I want his job...
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Emmel -- prehaps i should asked have asked for direction.... i'm lost?


Doc -- i got quite hungry after all this training can you get something for us on the cafeteria?

Emmel -- why me?

Doc -- i worked a lot

Emmel -- i know that you are aware that i get lost very easily doc

Doc -- its just in front of us follow a line you can't get lost

Emmel -- oh really?....

Doc -- how many times i have lied to you?

Emmel -- how many stars are in the sky?

Doc -- you can't do anything with a empty belly i trust you :Big Grin

Emmel -- ok them i will go

*Flashback ends

Emmel -- she lied to me! on the first place, all of this place looks the same *looks around* how people even find their way around here is all the same (tell them Emmel, make new Backgrounds!!)

*Olive bumps

Olive -- what you're doing here Miss Emmel?

Emmel -- Senior OLIVE! 'i,m so lucky, can you help me i have direction deafness (its a disease basically Emmel has zero sense of direction she can get lost on the most impressive situations, people with this thing can follow others and follow directions, but once they are alone they will lost the sense of the "natural north")

Olive -- so you're lost?

Emmel -- yeah, i'm on my way to the cafeteria

Olive -- it can get a little troublesome, lets go togheter

Emmel -- thanks

*Fire on the hangar 2, 3 machines are burning all people evacuate the place right now)

Olive -- its a evacuation order we should follow up

Emmell -- i will get lost!

Olive -- lets take shelter on the cafeteria, the apartments are still far from here

*the door closes on them*

Emmel -- well it closed...

Olive -- its to prevent fire from spread...... :Sad  , we can still reach the administrator office or other place

Emmel -- it will be ok right?

Olive -- maybe? O_o


an on today episode we learned that despite being a genius pilot Emmel  don't have sense of direction, so she can't sortie alone, since she will get lost on the battlefield, and it was probably the mechanic trying to build a Taiki right? it was totally him that burned house


Olive -- i'm sorry because of me we lost the time to get out

Emmel -- its not like i could find the way out alone... we can still make it i trust your directions

Olive -- we can probably reach it..., in fact i always get lost on the cafeteria menu as well and don't know what to eat.

Emmel -- *dork face* i don't like to eat any of these heavy things that you eat at all..

Olive -- but Rice its good it gives you energy to train!

Emmel -- it also makes you fat (girls house is burning ._.)

Olive -- its that so? but we burn them on training anyway, they that's the shelter

Emmel -- we made it!

rest its mecha battles, and the mechanic feeling sorry for the incident Bertha trying to raise up to awesomeness again and someone Doc learning about the new machine they're trying to make.

[Image: LCJ3ZCV.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

This seems like a possible set up of Solis vs Solis.

Doc is evil, and the new girls machines look villainous.

Thanks for the translation!

I hope they get into the new OG game theyre announcing on the 11th.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(12-01-2017, 03:28 PM)Top Nep Wrote: This seems like a possible set up of Solis vs Solis.

Doc is evil, and the new girls machines look villainous.

Thanks for the translation!

I hope they get into the new OG game theyre announcing on the 11th.

I think so too, Bertha comments on the beginning of the story and Emmel weird "aversion" to Olive at first seeing her as a "enemy" as well as the constant medic accompany that she receives give me hints that she could have been reconditioned to be a top ace pilot, and i also agree the Heiherms made by Doc have some "dark" vibe on them compared to the normal ones
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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