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Emel Debut: For this wonderfull encounter
(11-25-2017, 01:55 AM)Mattman324 Wrote: What are the S Rank reqs for the missions?

(11-24-2017, 12:13 PM)thebigb Wrote: You have a chance every mouth to get Fighter Kamille, making it much easier to get than Eva.

- Won fast
- Win without unit entering you're half of the battlefield.
- No Unit shoot down

(To make this stage really fun and hard, they should have done, not let your battleship get hit)

- No continue
- Win with all 5 types
- No unit defeated

- No continue
- Not let your battleship get hit
- No unit defeated

5 Super Fighter Tickets give you 1 SSR. You can get 5 Super Tickets per mouth and 1 of those SSR's could be a Fighter Zeta.
Throughout the month you can also get more Fighter tickets, upping the chance of getting him.
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(11-25-2017, 04:23 AM)thebigb Wrote: 5 Super Fighter Tickets give you 1 SSR. You can get 5 Super Tickets per mouth and 1 of those SSR's could be a Fighter Zeta.

I've never seen so much as a single one of them.
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You only get then if you have a team of super whale units and get high into Arena mode.
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(11-25-2017, 04:56 AM)Top Nep Wrote: You only get then if you have a team of super whale units and get high into Arena mode.

I get mine from Conquest mode which gives out 5, I also don't use super whale units.
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(11-25-2017, 04:56 AM)Top Nep Wrote: You only get then if you have a team of super whale units and get high into Arena mode.

That's what I thought.
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Ticket's what shall I receive... 

the first roll is a dupe, don't care next....


[Image: xF7FUEn.jpg]
 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad

This is the worst roll, I have ever done.
Frist time getting this and it really does suck.
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Welcome to the Pointless Taiki Club, where good luck goes to waste :|
Before beginning the translation i will point out some of the stuff

1 - i didn't played Dorothy debut event so i know nothing about her, or the other ones if they already showed up
2 - i still didn't played Emmel character quest so i also don't know her backstory and stuff if there's some, but since i finished my SR Emmel and full buffed her, its probably that i will play it on a couple of days

Chapter 1:

We find Katarina having her love delusions on the hangar, if you don't know she actually loves Olive

Katarina -- My Darling....

Ayame -- What happens Katarina? today in special looks like you're more unmotivated than usual

Katarina -- i don't know how you can keep with this torture called training everyday whiteout even thinking into escape

Bertha -- In case of you thinking about slacking with that person, I'm training with you today!

Emmel -- operating the simulator its a pretty different feeling, this one feels a lot heavier than the last one.

Mechanical -- when we finish setting up to you it will fell a little easier, you can help with that.

Emmel -- understood,that will do for now.

Katarina -- you noticed that the second generation of Heiherns already began?

Bertha -- we just need to show our skill and we will definitively be back! (wait so they're being benched? like staying on the Heiherm Fortress while the new girls get the Hi Fires?)

Katarina -- its not very hard?

Bertha -- don't say those things! there's nothing that you can't do if you your best!

Katarina -- god, you're really trying to make a effort

Bertha -- that's why in on their hunt


Olive -- thanks for your cooperation today Emmel

Emmel -- you can count on me

Olive - hi

Emmel -- looks like you had fun as well, something good happened?

Olive -- it will be very fun to train with you

Emmel -- you're with me?

Olive -- yes

Emmel -- you will train with a enemy them?

Olive -- you're a enemy?

Emmel -- i'm not hostil....

Olive -- we're members of the same organization right? it would be nice if we could get along

Emmel -- you are very gentle

Olive -- thanks! see you *goes out*

Emmel -- i'm changing... Olive Senpai

Mechanic -- its ready, thanks for waiting.

Emel -- hi! heihern Kai launching!

~~~ Battle ~~~

-- Thanks for the hard work this will finish the training

Emmel -- anytime

Bertha -- Kuh.... i couldn't show my skills at all...

Katarina -- that's what always happens right?

Bertha -- Katarina you idiot!


Emmel - i'm back

-- you look tired how was today's training?

Emmel -- no problems with piloting
-- good

Emmel -- could you see it?

-- hey you're a good pilot but you're not telling us a lot of things you're not becoming a liar are you Emel?

-- Technology is a good thing, Olive has skill as well but not yours.

Emmel -- she is kind

-- yeah, she is on Hangar 1 now

Emmel -- humans can be strange creatures (?????)

-- take care of your approach Emmel its a dangerous path and you jus finished training.

Emmel -- ok *smiles*

so basically Emmel its pretty skilled and there's some strange secret with her, the other girls will get benched if they not improve, they apparently can't improve a lot save for Olive, the Doc has some strange secret with Emmel.

lets see how this goes, but i just hope that Emmel its not some sort of genius pilot that appeared out of nowhere and gets a Taiki Heiherm before Olive and Bertha (that will totally happen won't it?)
Its never too late to start loving again

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New Comer is up. Taiki Scopedog Red Shoulder looks like a unit built for arena. Udon rolled him. As an anti Anemone unit, It can kill Aquarion and Akito easily too.
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My red chikets gave me an SS chip and taiki Genesic. I also got an SS chip from the regular tickets.

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