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Valkyria Chronicles 4
Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for PS4, XB1 and Switch for 2018 release. It takes place as same time as the 1st and 3rd game but this time as from the point of view as the Federation. Looks good. Hopefully Sega learned their mistake with Revolution, but that was a crappy spin-off rather than a mainline game I believe.

apparently this post is too short so let me add to that...

This series is a funny one. The first one is on PS3 (and got ported to PC/PS4), the second one is PSP exclusive, but got translated. The third one while PSP exclusive, never did went overseas.
And then we have that weird one Valkyria Revolution.

Now it's back on consoles, multiplatform to boot!
I don't think I'll play it, but it's good that this series is back to it's roots.
I hope.
I will wait my Pc port.

the 3rd game its good
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

This is a pleasing surprise, after the ... "no very good" tRevolution I didn't expect them to try a proper Valkyria Game in the old Style.
Saw this last night on Facebook from Sega but forgot to share it here. Glad others are on the ball. Here's the official webpage:
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Apparently the game is 90% complete.

That's pretty interesting, since it would seem to mean Valkyria Revolution AND Valkyria 4 were being developed/planned at the same time. It's sort of amazing they apparently had so much faith in the franchise that they'd make a spin off too, I assume to draw more people to the name.

As opposed to what I'm sure most people were expecting by Revolution's release: "Here it is, a new Valkyria game!" "...but...this is nothing like the games we were asking for...and it's maybe not the best..." "Oh? What's that? You were saying you wanted a Valkyria game, but you don't want this? Oh, I guess that means nobody likes this franchise afterall, time to bin it forever..." "Nooooooo why are you doing thiiiiis ;_;"

Sega not being jerks about their titles. Weird. I'm not used to this.
^... this is exactly what I was expecting.
Glad I was wrong I admit.
There is a special edition announced, comes with a tank figurine, 100 page artbook and DLC code for Squad 7 characters that come with 4 story missions. I'm getting this version.
NA PV and more details on the Collectors Edition. The cost will be $100.
  • Exclusive Vinyl Statue of the “Hafen” Tank – Triumphantly bursting onto the scene, the “Hafen” tank vinyl statue is ready to conquer the snowy battlegrounds of Europa. More than just a tank, the “Hafen”, named after Claude’s hometown in Gallia, is a meaningful symbol for all of Squad E’s members. This version may not have the firepower of the original, but it makes a great centerpiece for any fan’s collection!
  • “Claude’s Travel Journal” Exclusive 100-Page Themed Artbook – Valkyria Chronicles 4‘s story is told through the photos, notes, and memories captured in Claude’s travel journal. This exclusive artbook, inspired by Claude’s journal in-game, features a wide selection of the beautiful watercolor-styled art from Valkyria Chronicles 4.
  • A Pair of DLC Adventures Featuring Squad 7 Characters – “A United Front with Squad 7” and “Edy’s Advance Ops” reunite fans of the original Valkyria Chronicles with the soldiers of Squad 7. Fight alongside Welkin, Alicia, Isara, Rosie, Largo, and Edy in over 3 hours of gameplay across 4 exclusive story missions, featuring fully-voiced cutscenes and unique challenges! After completing these missions, you’ll unlock those six Squad 7 members, as well as Edy’s personal submachine gun for use in your army in the main game. Bolster your forces with the renowned soldiers of Squad 7!
(*Squad 7 DLC missions are available immediately through a download code included in the “Memoirs from Battle Edition.” They will be available as an add-on item on all platforms around the game launch.)

The tank looks nice, but with only a price of $100 for the total package, I'm going to wait for more specifics on the scale.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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