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Macross Delta Event: Cross! Another Stage
This is ridiculous. The event's almost end, and I just can't get the third drop from stage 31.
Damn thing just won't drop whatsoever.
Episode 5

"Hayate and Mirage are staying together" are the toughs that are perturbing Freya mind, she randomly runs into Tifa on the city, she tries to denny her problems to Tifa but its useless since Tifa its well...Tifa (can't hide your toughs from MEEEE), she adds that even if might be better to Hayato to end up with Mirage she wanted a chance, Freya ask if Tifa had some problem like that as well, she says that she used to have some with Garrod.

suddenly a gate opens on the sky that gooms dark and their love talk will have to wait.

its another generic battle, against Aguarion enemies.

Freya runs from Tifa after Tifa arguing with her, She end up meeting Kaname (Best Wulkure), she says that Tifa is lucky has time for love the person that she loves, and Kaname heards asking what's that about, Mikumo arrives and stares at Freya, and she can see the thing behind her... Aquarion main villain is there, love its not a easy affair after all, she promises Freya that he can realize her wishes, Makina and ReiRei arrives as well, Freya gets confused of what she should do while Mikumo still stares at the scene saying nothing.

Episode 6:

Kaname and the other Wulkure girls are back on the ship, apparently Freya gone with Aquarion villain whose name i forgot and didn't read, back on the plot, Hayato its mad at the situation and Mirage don't understand what happens when Aquarion main chars explain that confused love feeling are feed to this creature, Hayate tense as always don't get what are the confuse feelings that Freya fells, and Apollo call him a idiot for not noticing that it was him.

Mirage knew all along, and them.... alarm.

Mirage scolds Hayato and Garrod, but Hayate thinks that he wants to make it so he don't waste a chance at Freya, suddenly another portal, Hayato its not feeling all right, and Kaname fells something as wel, Tifa can also sense a incredible pressure that makes her even go down and fall.

on a mysterious Mikumo and Freya are easy prey for the villains :O

Episode 7:

Jamill its reorganizing the intel, he asks about Tifa situation and receive the report that she is still unconscious, we get a comm from Anemone boyfriend, he tells that its all a mess on the army and they can't hold it for much longer, another problem its that with no Tifa there's no satellite canon, however the other 2 Gundam pilots are ready to deploy when a dizzied Tifa enters the control room, She is feeling a little down for Freya, Garrod promises that he will save her, and get support from Loran, a mad Hayate enters the room followed by a Mirage trying to make him calm down.

Jamill gives up under everyone wanting to help and the Freedem will move out, Kaname thinks that its Wulkure time to make a party now.

leaded by Mirage Wulkure sings and Hayato deploys.

Hayato as we all know its not that awesome when not Freya buffed, he is already very on limit when Mirage get him on line again, we finally face the villain and Apollo sense it approaching, Freya and Mikumo is with them, however Freya can't hear Hayato voice anymore.

Episode 7:

Hayato ask to give Freya back, and learn that he did nothing she came onw her own accord, Mirage can't get it, he says that it was Jealous.. Jealous of her, and Mirage still don't get it, Mikumo begins to sing as the battle began, Kaname and the others will sing back

[Image: k6dYm2j.png]

After part of the battle Mikumo song its too strong, Reirei and Makina fall them finally Kaname, and all Wulkure is down now, as bonus Hayato its also down, Mirage brings him back however.

Episode 8:

Freya recover herself from the hyponolove crap by herself, and after her Mikumo as well, them latter we discover that it was not herself but Tifa what freed her, as Tifa colapses and Freya begins to sing now, Hayate gets buffed and all the girls sings

Garrod Shoots the Satelite Canon and silvia the moon bow thing, Hayato and Mirage trow missies to help.

and Rip boss 1

Final Episode:

Hayato and Mirage engages the rest of the enemy forces and win (there's more things like motivational things) they have a voiced talk for their combo attack (that of course don't exist since well lets wait for Delta on a console SRW for dat ;o )

Day is saved, and how SRW solve Delta problems? Hayato has two girls now? and BTW the Macross Delta crew don't return home, so expect them returning on future events.

Your Reward:
[Image: hZf2zKL.png]

Mirage is a Taiki unit review latter be sure to grab her :O

and i'm totally and absolutely done now we wait for the December events
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

(11-21-2017, 11:25 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: This is ridiculous. The event's almost end, and I just can't get the third drop from stage 31.
Damn thing just won't drop whatsoever.

Yeah had to finish it about 30+ times with Sousuke "drop+" to get it done ... Good luck with that !
Second to last Omega ticket gave a Sinanju. Dunno if I'll get the last ticket, but that's a fine prize.
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
Do we not get a LB transfer item for Mirage? Usually it's in the unit scenarios.
(11-23-2017, 07:36 AM)Maverick-jin8 Wrote: Do we not get a LB transfer item for Mirage? Usually it's in the unit scenarios.

I think that's for units that turn into diamond taikis. When we get the diamond taiki alone(Ougami) it doesn't come with one.
I give up. The third drop of 31 still don't want to drop for me.

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