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Late Haloween Event: The Little Witch and the Giant Machine
(11-12-2017, 12:24 PM)Top Nep Wrote: Rasengan and Gurren were just grunts In the long run overall.

Lasengann was possibly a grunt, but Gurren wasn't - it had parts from three different Gunmen in its original incarnation, stored a part from a fourth (Enki's helmet), and added a fifth later, plus wherever those sunglasses were from.

Also green tickets spat a Yellow Skittle at me, which was nice, because I was able to use it to bring a different Yellow Skittle unit to 70.
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Guren is a grunt. Just because you added parts to it, doesn't change the robot. Most of it is still the same Gunmen.

Laggan is a grunt unit yes .
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Level 80 Yoko. I'm done with the event.
i quite liked this one, its pretty fast and to the point, it was also on a weekend instead of middle of the week that helped, i only need to beat the story missions now
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