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Dead or Alive Series Thread
Same, I'm playing on my NA so they're useless to me. =/

In other news, Best DOA girl is now th3 best thing at SumWonFes.....after Jeanne.

1/5 $cale 
[Image: jiiAp1o.jpg]
Speaking of statues, here is the colored version of that Marie Rose from Kotobukiya:

[Image: CoCpkUcVMAA2Zaa.jpg]
[Image: CoCpm5uUIAAc-F8.jpg]
The detailing on the hair looks amazing. Sadly the mass production versions never cmoe close to it. =/

Plus I prefer her battle suit more. >.>
I almost forgot that today is the last day of the week 3 to claim the free premium tickets. Whew.
PS+ Subscribers will get the Marie Rose Famitsu swim suit for free this month.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Reminder that this will be the last week we can claim 5 premium tickets from PS Store.

Quote:"Koei Tecmo showcased on the latest issue of Famitsu a few new pieces of content that will be released on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round in August.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is going to get a floral bikini set (which you can see in the last two pictures in the gallery below).

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will get a black fan with a new update of the game, able to create gusts of wind. On top of that, from August 10th to to August 24th we’ll get the “Wild” and “Innocence” sets, while from August 25th to September 7th, they will be replaced by the “Sandwich” and “Decouple” sets. You can check them out in the first picture below."

And a preview of the next DLC Swimsuit:

They're pretty good at baiting their fanbase (they do know their fanbase) to keep grinding in their game.
Switch Kokoro and Hitomi outfits to Marie Rose.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
[Image: Cpbejl3W8AAWnB6.jpg]
[Image: CpbejnlWgAA_qba.jpg]
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round - Flower Set. Available now on PS4, Xbox One and Steam!

And here I am trying to install DoA5LR on my PS3 and hope the update doesn't corrupt the game again. I need to export my DLCs to PS4.
》Marie Rose is the only one in that pic with a full shot.

Creator knows beat girl, creator knows good taste.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Oh wow. I checked the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on the PS4, and I got a bunch of free stuffs there (i.e. those DLCs I bought on PS3). Thanks, Koei Tecmo!

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