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Dead or Alive Series Thread
Well, we have two Dead or Alive games at the moment, so let's just combine them in one thread.

Anyway, here's the latest DLC for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.

Basically, we got Naotora Ii as a guest character from Samurai Warriors 4, and everybody else get to cosplay.
Gen Fu Shingen, Zack Maeda, Uesugi Leon, Hayate Yukimura, Hanzo Hayabusa, Christie Masamune, Tadakatsu Bayman, and many more.
And you know what, most of them looks good in those costumes. Big Grin

The other game is of course, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus/Fortune for Vita/PS4 respectively.
[Image: A0xcbhb.jpg]
[Image: pQeqwQa.jpg]
[Image: 0DlCWxL.jpg]

Basically, a "healing game" as Hayashi, the DoA producer said. We can enjoy our time in these vacation island along with nine beauties : Honoka, Marie Rose, Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi, Helena, Nyo Tengu, Kokoro, and Momiji. Already released last week.
So they call Softcore Porn "Healing Game" these Days?
Because nobody can convince me this is anything else.

... yes I'm probably going to buy it, don't judge me :p
The interview from Dengeki said it.

Q: Is Venus swimsuit in the game?
Hayashi: Yes it's in the game

Q: Is Venus really hard to give to girls like previous games?
Hayashi: It's more difficult compared to other swimsuits. But this game is meant to be a healing game for those people who comeback from hard work. So we have made the difficulty in obtaining swimsuits/giving it to girls easier than previous DOAX titles.
According to Famitsu:
04./00. [PS4] Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune # <SPT> (Koei Tecmo) {2016.03.24} (¥8.800) - 37.443 / NEW <80-100%> 
06./00. [PSV] Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus # <SPT> (Koei Tecmo) {2016.03.24} (¥7.800) - 22.991 / NEW <80-100%> 

Since the sellthrough is 80-100%, I'd say it's a success.

Speaking of the game, I've finished a playthrough with Ayane.
We can switch between Girl Mode and Owner Mode at any time by pressing Select.
In owner mode, we're basically spectators. I'm not sure where we're getting money in this mode, aside from gambling in the casino. And I've managed to bankrupt myself doing so. Angry

Girl Mode, though, is basically the same as Dead or Alive Paradise (that's the only DOAX game I ever played, btw). Even the menu are the same looking! The volleyball game is pretty fun, definitely easier than Paradise.
At least, the easy and normal difficulty are. Big Grin
The hard difficulty girls are just AI cheating.

Anyway, for those who wants to buy from the Hong Kong/Asian region, a fair warning that Premium Tickets (aka micro transaction premium currency in-game to unlock stuffs without playing) are only obtainable if you use the Hong Kong/Asian region. Basically, if Tecmo Koei ever releases a costume that's Premium Tickets only, you're out of luck in other region. It's kinda like the Gundam Breaker 2 DLC situation, where you can only claim it using in-game store that connects to the japanese PS Store. If you're in US account, the game complains.

Okay... next, let's continue with Momiji.

On a side note, the Vita version lacks skin tanning. Which is good, because I'd rather not get them multiple shades of dark colors in their skin. Big Grin

Edit: There's a wallpaper for Miku x Marie Rose.
Quote:[Image: 1280_720.jpg]
Also a Vita box art.
Can be grabbed from here:

I must say, Miku and Marie Rose doesn't mix that well. In fact, Miku looks downright creepy. Probably because she's standing next to a normal human looking character while Miku herself got these big anime eyes.
Looks like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is getting the first set of DLC costumes...errr swimsuits.

These are the free one, we can buy it using Zack money.
[Image: kOjCR7H.png]

And these are the premium ones, can only be bought using Premium Tickets. Which can only be bought using real money.
[Image: yTLirnv.png]

Also: "Swimsuits made available for a limited time only may be rereleased at a later date"

This is really a mobile phone game system. ^^

Edit: People are guessing that Tecmo Koei are using this system to circumvent the "Ran out of DLC space" situation like DOA5LR on PS3.
I think it's true, though. Ran out of DLC space = No more DLC to sell. And that's a bad situation for Tecmo Koei and their overpriced DLC sale.

For example, completionist will want all 9 swimsuits on all 9 girls. That would be 9 swimsuit x 16 tickets x 9 girls = 1296 tickets. Which is around $410 USD.

Why hello, that's even more expensive than the Saikyou Pack! O_o
Before I completely forgot, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Free-to-play will be releasing in Japan on May 19th. I wonder if the Asian version will release on the same time too.

  • Kasumi is the only playable character, and every feature is available except for the Casino.
  • A “Casino Membership” is required to play in the Casino.
  • “Character Rights” for each character are required to play as characters other than Kasumi.
  • You can’t give swimsuit presents to girls you don’t own the Character Rights to.
  • Basic Free Version-exclusive downloadable content needs to be purchased separately for each platform.
  • The bonus swimsuit downloadable content and other swimsuit downloadable content can be shared with the paid version.
  • You can play the paid version using the save data from the Basic Free Version.
Character Rights and Casino Membership Prices
  • Character Rights – 1,200 yen (PS4) / 1,100 yen (PS Vita)
  • Casino Membership – 2,000 yen (PS4) / 2,000 yen (PS Vita)
Only Kasumi? She's one of the girls I don't really like, though. Make sense, since they really want to sell both Honoka and Marie Rose for premium.
New DLC for DoAX3.

[Image: 3EXxKgp.jpg]
[Image: NFNABS8.jpg]

Seems after the backlash, Hayashi decided to stop premium only swimsuits. Good decision!

I think I forgot to buy the previous one because I've been busy with Lightning Returns and Way of Samurai 4. ^^;

Anyway, Team Ninja Studio posted the Marie Rose Figure:
[Image: CiOdI4dVAAAk4ZS.jpg]
[Image: CiOdI4lVAAEjzip.jpg]
[Image: CiOdI4rU4AEDBcF.jpg]

The details! Price must be exorbitant.
Have they mentioned what scale it is?
Not yet. All they said is "あの娘のフィギュアチェック中。。。クオリティ上がってきました!#DOA5LR"

I think they haven't finished the face yet. Big Grin
how the freaking gosh that thing that Honoka is dressing on the first pic even stays in place? lol
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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