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Original Giant Robo Animation (@Folka Check this out)
Here is something i wanted to see for a very long time and i just stumbled on it.

Remember that Giant Robo series (i haven't watch it myself, i heard it was bad but don't hold me on that) that came out back in 2007, while it had nothing to do with Giant Robo The Animation and was bad overall and banned by fans and critics alike, what interested me was the last DVD because it included a 5 minute Animation depicting the Original Giant Robo Manga.

It eluded me for so many years (remember the Mecha Anime Library topic in the old board?! yeah since then), Anyway, There you go:
Click here to watch it.
Man, I'm moved not because you find it, but because you remember I was looking for it! You are awesome!
Thank you very much Smile Smile
Vincent is the best, he never forgets anything! He helped me find something I've been looking for too (I mentioned it 10+ years ago).

This is a cool find.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
It's so close to the original manga! It would have been cool to have this animated, instead of GR
You are welcome guys.

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