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Full Meter Panic
Can we get a title edit for the thread to reflect the correct name for the game please? Smile
[Image: DragenGD.png]
this game is sounding a lot like a front mission game

So this comes out in like 2 weeks. It's hard to do research on this game without walking through spoiler hell.
I was interested in it, but there's so many other better titles coming up and this one hasn't really generated much reason of intrist in it so I'll probably wait to here how it plays out first.

If it's just a simple campaign where you go through the story then I'll lass. But give me a bunch of What If scenarios like the Bonta-Kun insurrection or Playble Nami, then I might be game.

The problem with the current part of FMP is that I think the current part of the story, the fun time is over. Basically the story is all seriousNess and drama and none of the comedy from S1 and Fumoffu. Even in TSR there wasn't really much.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I'd like to get it, but I have similar concerns about spoilers since I'm also watching the new anime, so I'll probably put it off for a bit.

Also unlike everybody else I didn't finish SRWX in a week ._.

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