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Full Meter Panic
Better have Bonta-kun...
(10-21-2017, 11:14 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: The English is bad. Full Meter Panic.
Yeah, the chibi design put me off immediately. It's weird, eventhough it's the usual one from SRW.

(10-21-2017, 11:20 PM)yazi Wrote: Yeah, it's a tie-in game from Namco Bandai for the upcoming anime for FMP next year, low budget and probably isn't going to be good either... this looks like a PS2 game...

I'm not sure what you mean the English is bad.  The title in the video is written Full Metal Panic and it's also pronounced in English as Full Metal Panic.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
For anyone complaining about the english title, WHO DARES WINS, its a reference to the British SAS which makes sense given the context for FMP.
No, it's clearly a reference to Metal Gear Solid 2 and Pliskin.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Given that MGS takes elements of real life quotes and scenarios, and that this is a real saying from the SAS, its more likely referring to the actual SAS saying. Google it, its the main thing that pops up.
I know. It's a saying thats existed for decades. In the very same scene after Pliskin says it and leaves, Stegman points out to Raiden the saying was from the British SAS/Air forcr. As well as the other motto he said, Semper Fi was Marine talk.

And told Raided to keep an eye out since Pliskin was claiming to be Navy but saying everything but navy talk.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
A pity that BB Studio is working on this game, but there really isn't anyone else making mecha games these days... From Software for the time being isn't making any mecha games, Armored Core 5/Verdict day was a number of years ago. Last non-A.C.E/AC game they made was the good Unicorn game for PS3 back in 2010, a pity that never got a sequel/follow-up for the remainder of Unicorn. Square Enix is making that Front Mission spin-off game, but I don't have much faith in that either...
Good news: It is indeed getting an English language Asian release. Happy to see the trend holding true for this title as well.
Yeah, this is great news, hopefully this will be the standard from here on.
Compared to a US and EU full localization, a Asian English version is a quite cheaper to do, since its mostly a translation job, although translation can be a bit sketchy sometimes (SRW MD) and even SRW V had a few hiccups.

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