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Kuromukuro - New Mecha anime
The new CG mecha anime Kuromukuro will air this spring season of anime, and I'm very interested in it.

We are getting quite a few mecha shows that look very promising, Kuromukuro is one of them, set to air in April 7 10PM JST. The original mecha anime by studio P.A. Works was created in celebration of the studio's 15th anniversary.

Story Synopsis
During the construction of the Kurobe Dam, an ancient artifact was discovered, and so the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute was established. Intellectuals from all over the world gathered to study the object, and the children of those researchers attend Mt. Tate International Senior High School, including the institute head's daughter, Yukina Shirahane. In the summer of 2016, a lone samurai once again awakens. (Source: ANN)

Opening Theme "Desutopia (デストピア)" by Glay 

Edit Ending Theme "Realistic (リアリ・スティック)" by MICHI

Check out the latest trailer for Kuromukuro

Looks interesting. Might give this a shot if it sees a dvd/blu release in the west. I'll also read the feedback here and factor that in.
The samurai's robot looks like a combination of a knightmare frame and Bushido's Ahead.

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