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Super Idol Wars Part 3 "A Happy world of love"
(09-16-2017, 09:21 AM)srw785 Wrote: why.

[Image: 17250055.jpg]

What, don't you want a robot popsicle?

(09-16-2017, 12:49 PM)thebigb Wrote:
(09-16-2017, 12:42 PM)Mai Wrote: we have a shooter Getter Robo? O_O

We had.... we don't anymore it's gone, it has never been back into the game since 2015.

I remember the Attacker being in the original game, but when did the Shooter make the jump to SSR?

EDIT: Huh, it apparently did. Strange. Why the hell isn't it in the base gachas?
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(09-16-2017, 03:13 PM)Mattman324 Wrote:
(09-16-2017, 12:49 PM)thebigb Wrote:
(09-16-2017, 12:42 PM)Mai Wrote: we have a shooter Getter Robo? O_O

We had.... we don't anymore it's gone, it has never been back into the game since 2015.

I remember the Attacker being in the original game, but when did the Shooter make the jump to SSR?

EDIT:  Huh, it apparently did.  Strange.  Why the hell isn't it in the base gachas?

The Life of Shooter Getter Robo
1st appeared in this banner on the 23rd October 2015, at it wasn't even a Pick-up unit.
[Image: banner_shop_0006_web.jpg]

2nd it appeared was on the 14 December 2015, with a bunch of other Shooters to celebrate 2 million downloads.
[Image: banner_shop_0022_web.jpg]

3rd it appeared on this banner for some reason, on January 22 2016.
[Image: banner_shop_0040_web.jpg]

After which it was forgotten about..... forever

It was never put on the old Base Banner.
It was never put on the new Base Banner.
It was never given its own 24-hour Banner
It was never put on the SP Ticket Banner
It was never put on the Premium Banner
It was even put on the new 100 Ticket SSR Banner.
During the 3 Red Coins Banner featuring Getter Robo units... It wasn't even there. all 3 times

Forget about the SSR Getter-2 or Getter 3.
SSR Shooter Getter Robo will never come back into the game and neither will the other forms.

RIP Shooter Getter Robo.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Ch 1:

~~ Ruined City at Night (the city of course its Tokyo) ~~

Amy and Itsuki are meeting one of the persons that works for Hallstain, Iori goes on and question what they did to the Imber and where Chihaya went it the machine, the woman remains in silence Shizune adds that they can probably catch Chihaya using the wizards (those are the zegapain mechs), suddenly a ridiculous thing echoes trough the sky "glasses set" and the glasses girl appear with her "Glasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ROBO!".
[Image: WRpLiQH.png]

Akiha gets fabled at the vision of a robot using glasses (of all things to notice but i think it was inevitable at this point), the mysterious girl apparently its also insane, she say random things like all the others, this time she believes that glasses shall domain humanity and etc etc, she is called Glassieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haruna, Mami wonders how about that name, and Wako wonders how ridiculous all this situation is (i know right Wako?) she keep sprouting nonsense, she came to rescue the girl that Chiahya left behind apparently, Ryouko also its amazed by the amount of random nonsense that she talks, L'arc prepare to smack her when Hallstain appears calling her general.

Ami and Mami of course recognizes her on spot, Nono also remembers her(Last time it was nono that blowed her), Hallstain greets Nono "it has been a long time humans".

~~ Battle ~~

After the battle Chihaya appears she is on the Imber, and she blows things space Ninja is down!!! (see you space ninja), Chiahya also owns the GGG Generic female robots, and Iori and battle to a tie with Dixneuf and Wako,  but eventually everyone gets glasses beamed, it does a lot of dmg, Ryouko,Wako and Kisaragi are also down, queen Hallstein laughs at her final eminent victory, when we receive orders to retreat, L'arc can still go and order a retreat for everyone, when Chihaya goes "no you don't" and shoots a big blast as the characters flee.

Ch 2:

~~ GGG Base ~~ Haruka is having a existential crisis like on the previous event, still missing Imber, she wakes of a nightmare with Chihaya, hearing her screams Akiha enters her room and ask if she is alright, she tells that she's been missing her old mecha friend, Akiha them proceeds to tell her the events that happened after they gone after Chihaya,Shizue talks about how they where powerless to fight back against Hallstain even Mami and Ami could do nothing, Haruka says to Mami that they will be alright, and Mami its rude and says that she just thinks that because she was not there since her robot its missing (welcome to our new event: depressed idols), Wako reprehend the kids while at it Anzu enters the room, its all such a bore, and there's those people making noise at the room so she woke up, Kirari is with Anzu, and Haruka gets surprised that she is here, and injuried.

~~ ????? ~~

Ace pilot and conquest Vs MVP is finally arriving at this Idol thing to show who is boss at her turf.
[Image: dqFyvOW.png]
(no i was really using Nobel Gundam to max Allenby seishins this is not a Npc it was coincidence)

Tchyco and Allenby are coming to the rescue but in fact they are attacked, there's death army everywhere, but Tchyco says that she will just smash them all if need, Allenby knows that the Kisaragi was defeated and she wanted to fight the damn thing, they make their way defeating the things, but they keep on going, both girls manege to break away tough.

~~ Back at GGG ~~

Anzu its too lazy to explain how Kirari survived and how she its now here, Wako its all smiles and want to help her if possible, Shizue however don't she don't trust Kirari and goes out mad, everyone its pretty stressed out at the situation seeing the chaos, Anzu decides that she might help a little.

~~ Stardriver villains concil ~~

Allenby and Tchyco arrives at their destination where they meet Kanako herself, of course Kanako called them here because she has a plan, and this plan involves L'arc and a powered up buster machine to do the job, Kanako ask if this is alright with her, and L'arc confirms with a smile

[Image: Uio10vF.png]

its time for Buster Machine 19.

on the previous Idolmas collab we also got a new Taiki nono that appeared on her own banner on the last day of the event, the same might happen for L'arc so if you have extra OMG's and want the new unit start saving them!


Maybe there was something wrong with the shooter Getter Robo? like a horrible designed kit or something like that? or a bug that they didn't bothered to fix and just scraped the unit? its really strange, but them again there's that pretty rare Attacker Quattro, that only now its available for us to get
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

That thing is Black History technology.
Look at it.
holy shit that is my best day ever! now i don't know on what do i have use on ?
[Image: ZuQ3RLz.png]
grats for the 100 OMG, Rex!
now i have 122 OMG but do i use to get God Gundam or Idol girls?
You should probably save for the anniversary Rex, unless you're a big Idolmaster fan, Domon seems really capable he is a defender and will probably enter the game meta, you can probably grab 1 with 120 Omgs or less if you're lucky

from today on you can grab more copies of the SR Iori and SR Shooter Harukaiser, by replaying some chapters of the previous idol wars event, the stages also give 1 OMG for finishing them.

Ch 3 (and I'm already done with the event, don't know if i get the Xmas Imbers or not she don't seem useful)

~~ GGG Base ~~

Wako calls Ami that's is rather depressed now for what she told Haruka earlier Wako uses her powers of understanding and etc etc, and call a song for her (no we don't have voiced Wako's song) Wako asks for it was since she wanted to a Idol as well, Ami says that's pretty good, Haruka arrives and seems like mechs are fixable fast after all.

~~ Outside ~~

Tchycho and Allenby are still defeating death army, the situation seems not very good, when they receive a call from L'arc saying for them to retreat and join,they defeat more a death army that seems endless while receiving calls from Ryouko team, but eventually get out.

Kirari is outside regretting what she did, Akiha arrives to cheer her up in her QT arms (that she explains what it is) , Kirari and Anzu officially joins, Anzu (the one with the Popsicle robo).

~~ Ruins somewhere ~~

C.C and Kallen are with one of Hallstain minions.

[Image: tod3uVD.png]

Ch 4

~~ GGG Base ~~

Kirari its trying to make peace with Shizuo, things are not going very well for her, however before Shizuo shoot her guns a explosion happens followed by  a alarm, the explosions continue as Haruka goes out, and Akiha tells everyone to get ready, Kirari laments not having the Karirin robo working.

~~ Ruined Tokyo ~~

Ami,Wako and Akiha confronts a lot of death army and Chihaya, things are again not going well since Glassy Robo appears, Kirari laments her lack of strength when Anzu contacts her, she will do something since she can't be lazy enough with all these explosions and people screaming so Popsicle robot burst on!
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

About to roll the 1,000,000 point gacha. Most of the things there are things that I would be happy with, so Nirvash 272 here I come:

Want Big Grin
Full Armor ZZ
Banshee Norn(Marida)
Infinite Justice
Gaia Gundam
Dancouga Nova MaxGod
Eva 2 Beast Mode
Eva Mk6
Tauburn Compartment[S]
Van Aus

Happy with Smile
Vital Guarder(don't have it)
Zegapain Garuda

Don't mind Undecided
Florence(SS Chip)
Zegapain Toga

Don't talk to me Sad
Unicorn Awakening
Nirvash 272

[Image: Screenshot_2017-09-17-11-47-36.png]

Lets see...acording to the chart, I feel " Smile ". Nice.
(09-17-2017, 09:44 PM)Rex Wrote: holy shit that is my best day ever! now i don't know on what do i have use on ?

How do you get stuff from that?
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