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The Summer End (Zegapain)
[Image: zPt0RVm.jpg]

This is a Short story that will go on only for a limited time, and not repeat itself, the main characters are Ryouko and Shizuno, it leads into the Idolmaster event

Event Starts:

Event Ends:

P Ticket to play all the event story

New Units:

[Image: 02MigAe.png]
[Image: G3z3gix.png]

As we can see Shizuno has a killer skill while Ryouko does not, so we can assume that Ryouko its a reward unit.
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Summer's End

The rain its very heavy today, and Kyo its trying to make his way back to his old school they found some distortion happening here of all places.

[Image: xkm5HUq.png]

Inside the Zegapain battleship Shizuno and Ryouko are receiving new orders, they are to deploy on the Wizard units by themselves, on a simulation battle.

~~ Battle ~~

Ryouko its tired its hard whiteout Kyo for her, but while Kyo its out there collecting data the girls have to make it work,Shizuno don't all that tired since well, she apparently its artificial(??? some zegapain fan can explain), suddenly a big alarm rings over all the battleship a sudden change is happening on the mirror word right now, a big wave of energy evolve the two girls and engulf when the light disperse they are nowhere to be found (now they will Idol?).

Both units break down:

How to Acquire them:

~ Shizuno

She is on the 30 OMG banner, join OMGs during the event and pull her from there if you want her, here is her skills and etc.

LVL 80 Status
[Image: f2BKtQh.png]


Infighter LVL 3 (15%)
Critical and dodge Large up
Large Dodge up when hp 50% or more
every hit increases attack and dodge (unknown stacks till now)

as always 3 parts to equip.

[Image: JmexwBO.png]

15% Attack up 250 Speed
15% self repair on dodge or turn
60% dodge, attack up with bushin or dodge
20% attack up, 300 action bar speed up.

EX Ability:

Block 3500 Dmg from all attributes

there's no way to acquire Ryouko yet, she is probably the event reward.
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]


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