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"Great decisive battle: Kirarin Robo VS Kisaragi VS Imber "
that last one its insane lol

4 Taikis on a single summon i never saw something even remotely similar to that, you just won the event lvl 75 Kisaragi and Haruka out of bat.

but yeah SRW always got our backs Smile

Hokuto73, she its great for conquest mode I've been trying her out its a pretty funny unit to have around, but them all the 3 must be great, hope i can raise her to at least 70, don't know how she will do on Arena tough didn't saw her skills there
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

I got the defender Kisaragi from the P Tickets.
Congrats Fernaske.

I got Shooter Harukaiser. Finally I can put her pilot part into a good use. She also has the best seishin among those three I think.
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What about Kirarin robo?
Water Harukaiser, got Kisaragi. Fed it the attacker from last year so it's 65 at least. Meh.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Event its on.

SSR Ryouko on her own unit its the event reward, that's nice, its a new unit as well, she is a shooter.

Farming the event entirely gives you 30 OMG like always

Event Shop has:

Kisaragi (attacker)
SP Tickes x2

EX Tickets are back.

remember using Tickets on the new base gachas also gives you the guaranteed SSR's, so save your OMgs Smile
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

Thanks. I was hoping the Cinderella Girl units are obtainable this event, but looks like they're slated for a future one. Should give me enough time to amass crystals and buy more if needed. I used my P chips and got another Imber. Things are looking up so far.
They made the event more grindy again ( -.-)
Also whatsbbetter, the new taiki Kisaragi or the old taiki.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Normal Mode:
The blue one is like Granzon, basically. Its defense is barrier based, which some enemies from hell stages can ignore.
The red one is block based, but it also has a weak barrier. So far no enemy can ignore block.

Blue one has improved block. It buffs Defenders, Fighters and Blasters.
Red one buffs Attackers and also buffs defenders a bit.

I think they are equals, but for different roles.

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