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Fist of the North Star announced for PS4 by Yakuza devs
You wa shock!
Admit it

[Image: aPftTry.jpg]


Official name is Hokuto ga Gotoku.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
It sounds like Kenshiro is voiced by Kiryu's VA.
That's because he is voicing him. Most likely it'll be the same as their other games that never came to the west, where all the RgG actors will be voicing the Hokuto characters.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Cool, I'm down for that, Hokuto I was curious about because there have been various voices for Kenshiro in various forms of media, so this isn't that surprising.
awesome! atatatatatata! XD
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

This give me hope that they may go the Tecmo/Koei Warrior series road (making games for other companies franchises), i can think of a lot of titles that would be like a dream comes true, then again, it made me really wonder, was it that risky to continue for the Yakuza team to handle Shenmue, i know and understand that its not a tempting venture but to think that a FOTNS game would be that much safer project is confusing to say the least, i mean how much do they expect in sales for such massive games to be a success.
Unless they have perfected the formula and it is really easy for them to make games using their Yakuza Games Engine.

I am already dead XD XD XD
I'm up to chapter 10 where the map has opened up.
So far, my opinion of the game is pretty mixed.
It has the seriousness of Fist of the North Star manga, bloody battle, but it also has the goofiness of Yakuza games. I just can't see Kenshiro "I'm looking for Yuria, but I want to do other stuffs first, bartending, playing arcades, gambling, being a doctor, first."

Things I enjoyed:
- Playing the arcades. Ken has an over the top action before he plays them:
- The Doctor Mini game, which is basically karaoke mode:
- Using Kiryu skin:
- Xsana is pretty
- The Bounty Hunter
- Super Monkey Ball BGM

Things I don't really enjoy:
- Bartending. It was fun until you reached 3 stars stirring:
- This stupid hard SEGA Mark III Hokuto no Ken game:
- Driving around in Wasteland is really boring
- The battle system is kinda archaic. Doing the stylish kill really extend battle times. And Kiryu is VERY easily knocked down. Thankfully, once you've levelled up enough, you get the skills to mitigate this a bit.

Been playing for 31 hours now, so I got quite entertained by it, despite its failings.

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