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Never Ending Summer!
With the arena weeky rewards I got enough to do the last pull on the Solis gacha. Double Berta! An Ayame would have been nice for the full Solis Set, but I'm content with with this since I wanted Berta more, and now I have all her skills unlocked.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Is the Scenario finished or is there still one more stage? I did the story quests and got S Ranks but I didn't get the support chip.
I dunno if I'll be getting that 500 pulls prize, and I may not get the 400 one, but otherwise I'm basically done with this event.
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Got Taiki Haman-sama and High School Wife from Star Driver.
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I didn't bother to finish the event, actually. Just cleared all story missions and call it a day. Big Grin
Saving up for something really good.
Last blue ticket pull got me a Cherudim, which is neat, but I had one.

Eh. All dupes this event, and the actual thing I paid for, but after my recent luck I'm fine with that.
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