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Never Ending Summer!
SP Ticket gave me another Full Frontal, sweet now he is 65.

(08-25-2017, 11:00 PM)ryoga316 Wrote: Now the problem would be getting through the Level 99 Stages as they turned out to be quite difficult even with Taiki units.

I did not find them hard at all and I didn't even use an Event unit.

(08-25-2017, 11:17 PM)Rex Wrote: guys what is this item for? 

TRAP!! Run Away.... don't collect them, it's a TRAP!!!
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
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Quote:TRAP!! Run Away.... don't collect them, it's a TRAP!!!

my big brother told me if i get 50 like this i get 1 SSR from the random shop the every time show like now ZZ gundam one now.
is this real?
(08-25-2017, 09:49 PM)Hokuto73 Wrote: I finally figured how to S-rank the bottom 99 diff stage and got the last 50 chips for Oldrin, Yes!!! She's finally mine!!!

What are all the S Rank Reqs this time around?
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I'd like to know this as well. The third 99 stage doesn't get S rank for me, the first condition never gets cleared.
It is real but you should not roll them at all. Better save your OMGcrystals for some Taikis, limited or Another gacha.
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1. Finish fast
2. No continues
3. No allies defeated

1. Finish fast
2. No continues
3. No allies defeated

1. Enemies must not reach player field
2. Battleship HP must be at least 90% and above
3. No allies defeated
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Knowing the Characters + LVL 99 Stage F2P Guide.

Like everyone else I'm farming my Oldrin while during my 1 hours of break before going back to work, i've been receiving a lot of questions about who is Asahi, who is Olive and Bertha, what are they personalities like, and what are this or these solis events about on e-mail while those i can answer anytime, its better to let these here since they're been here for some time.

Lets start with this event ones.

Berta Bernstein

[Image: HPP7sn1.jpg]
Bertha its a self proclaimed ACE of the Solis team, she suffers from a condition called chuunibyou, this is a social condition, on Betha case a little more complicated but this does not mean that she have any intellectual limitation or something, she is a chuuni type Evil Eye, those that believe that they have some sort of mystical power that other people lack, in fact you probably knew some Chunni on your school on time, or maybe like Bertha you know someone that's its as Chunni even as a adult, there's 3 types of the social condition.

one of them called dokyun kei, those are chunnis that act like they're  have a antisocial condition even when they don't have it, usually evade people because they find "cool", another very common type its the SubCul kei, those are the ones that say that everything that's popular its bad, and they're just bad because they're popular, and they like to act like they like something niche even they don't, trying to make themselves special and unique.

as you can see Bertha its a Evil Eye type, and is hilarious she can socialize with people, she like beachs and popular stuff like rock music, she just its a huge chunni its strikes me like someone who watched too much anime, however she had to escape her reality on her childhood and that condition became her normal one, during the story she tries to explain her condition to Olive using chunni terms, talking about how bad was the land that she its originally from leading the stuff from her past.

She has numerous crashes with Ayame during the story till now, when they share a event its essentially hilarious

despite her looks she is the older of the Solis girls and yeah all of them are legal age, she is very hot headed and have like zero patience with things, she is a action type girl, she also like all the other solis girls evade Ayame cook like their lives depend on it (and they probably do)

Units Piloted by Bertha: Heimerh, Heiherm Fortress

i will do Ayame latter time its running short lets go for the guide.


the enemies are all typeless meaning that all units will do around the same damage, whatever you hit them with a attacker or a defender, so bring your stronger units, a recommended team however have shooters and defenders on it.

F2P Team

- Your Robot Girl Z (if you have Glenda her)
- Kisaragi
- Akito
- Oogami
- Someone with heal, that can survive, we don't have such a unit given as reward yet, so you have to use or good old defender Rei if needs (the SSR one of course)
- SR Ayame Maxed (she reaches 15000 of power and has 5k of attack + lvl1 killer skill)
- select a event SSR unit from your friendlist

its easy just save cores for the boss and trow everything on it, if you need to heal go back to the battleship, remember to reduce the game speed if you're having problems to protect the ship.

S Rank condition:

No Continue
No units destroyed
finish fast

if you have any problem farming the stage consider getting your own SSR Heiherm fortress (it also goes a lot faster probably )
Its never too late to start loving again
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(08-25-2017, 11:52 PM)Sagara Sousuke Wrote: Bottom
1. Enemies must not reach player field
2. Battleship HP must be at least 90% and above
3. No allies defeated

I figured, but was hoping it wasn't. So you basically have to either kill the bosses stupidly quickly or already have something on hand to block the Attackers and either turn them around or kill them before they can move slightly closer?

...can probably cook something up. That's going to be a pain to handle though.
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stick a unit on the bosses and put one unit on the top other on the bottom, you can take your time on that map

if they begin to sward use a shooter huge area Hisatsu to clean things up
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

To sum up Berta, if youve seen KonoSuba, she's basically a more tsundere version of Megumin. Or KuroNeko from OreImo. A simple Chuuni.
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