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Never Ending Summer!
So they only way to get chips is with using OMG?
Yes, 10 Blue Tickets give 50 Chips.
You get a Total of 60 Tickets during this event that's 300 Chips.
I can get 200 S-Chips with 60 OMG.

Enough for a C.C and Kallen Swimsuit (250 chips each), sweet.

Blue Tickets gave me a dupe Renton.
1st 30 OMG roll gave me nothing.
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Attention everyone, this is a guide from this event...

IF you already OWN any summer unit be it Kallen,C.C or Ryouko you should have gotten 50 x2 chips for FREE! check your boxes because they expire.

if you don't own you should have gotten 50

take out those chips you have 60 blue tickets to farm, with all the rolls you can get 350 tickets, and that can net you a TOP TIER attacker.

Ranked 9/10 on Arena and 10/10 on Conquest mode, that's summer Oldrin, if you already own numerous copies of 2016 summer shate you should consider her Taiki, if you somehow miss the 300 chips farmed, GET BERTHA.

don't metter how much you like, C.C or Kallen or anyone else, get Bertha from that thing, don't buy the red ticket i will repeat myself don't do it, its a trap

how do to get the chips

Finish's SR Heiherm Fortress (Ayame) 10
Finish event missions 30
beat all the missions to get SR Heiherm copies 10
beat the hell stage com S Rank 10

pull everything 6 x 5 = 300 = 300 you already have 300 so get that Taiki.

i don't have time to translate the event OR make a guide for the S Rank stage now, i will do it latter at night i will try to make it as much as F2P and common units as possible so everyone can get Oldrin or Shatte

if you somehow don't got 50 chips pre event, you will need to pull like BigB stated

if you need help for the S Rank stage, state here
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Ok, so I have the Taiki Oz unit, Tessa, Aphrodite A, and the Summer Van Ein. Of the following:

Taiki Van Ein - Summer
Blaster Yellow Skittle
Fighter Pink Skittle
CC Gawain - Summer
Gurren - Summer
Zegapain - Summer

Which is the best? Do I just assume it's the Taiki, and get that because it'll be less common? Or focus one of the others first?
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(08-25-2017, 07:58 PM)Mai Wrote: if you don't own you should have gotten 50
if you somehow don't got 50 chips pre event, you will need to pull like BigB stated

Oh, so that's where the 50 chips came from. I thought the game bugged or something.
Tickets gave me a Green Unicorn.

Feel like I wasted 30 OMG now.
oh.. well. at 29 OMG, I'll just get to 30 and roll again.

C.C and Kallen Swimsuit here I come.

Edit: another roll and nothing. I am now done with the event.
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1st SP ticket nets me a shooter Mazinger Z, 2 GT tickets+10% nets me a shooter ZZ, fed to the taiki now FUB'ed.
Dark Blue tickets net me a taiki Arbalest, now FUB'ed as well.
Now farming for the best unit of them all, taiki Oldrin Smile
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i already have Kallen and Ryouko from last year but I only get 50 chips.
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I finally figured how to S-rank the bottom 99 diff stage and got the last 50 chips for Oldrin, Yes!!! She's finally mine!!!
Dark blue tickets net me another SSR, a defender Destiny, now lvl 75.
I am digging this event so far.
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Weird. I do have Summer Kallen and Ryoko, but I still only get 1 set of 50 Advent Chips. Shame that there's a limit to how many Chips you can actually farm as I do want to get the two Summer Oldrins with 500 tickets. If she can be fed with the regular Lancelot Grail, that would help a lot for limit-breaking.

Now the problem would be getting through the Level 99 Stages as they turned out to be quite difficult even with Taiki units.
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Thanks for the guide, Mai. But I only got 50 chips. And I got summer Kallen. Hmm...
guys what is this item for? 

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