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Never Ending Summer!
I just hope I get at least 1, mainly Berta. At least I already won summer getting final ascension Helena in FGO. Nothing wI'll ever beat that.
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I'm at 56. I don't plan to spend any OMG.
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Luckily for me the next few events are the idol stuff I have no interest in,so it works out. ASSUMING I can do a full step up. Of not, saving for Taiki Shatte.
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I have something around 60, so of course I'm waiting for a cheap guaranteed SSR.
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Goddammit, they're bringing back the Oldrin summer gacha.
[Image: CCBvV5L.png]

Also the paid 1 crystal gacha
[Image: 3vaDwxK.png]

As expecting, Ayame is defender, Berta is Attacker
[Image: qxh1TZv.png]

Did the first 3 steps, nothing but garbage. Now I need to gather up like 25 crystals somehow before the event ends if I want to get one of them (hopefully berta). The cost is 5,15,30,40 for the full step.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
i just get new 2 Solis girls and i like to know about abilities.
i won't be able to do both of them since well, i will probably only get one of them and it will take time to find out the modifiers but..

Heiherm Fortress (Bertha custom summer 2017)

Hisatsu ~ Plasma Knuckle - medium damage on a line, it pierces, as i stated before i don't know the modifiers yet

InFighter lvl 3 (ATK + 15%)

Jigoku Ishi (critical magnifier up)

Hades of Midsummer (burn on normal attack)

Maken Navar (Large dmg up against enemies with the burning state on)

overall the character theme is the same delusions and such, so if you like Bertha this is the better of her units on paper, i must see the thing on action before passing some judgment.

Heiherm Fortress (Ayame custom summer 2017)

Infighter lvl 2(10%)

today's cook (increase block ratio)

Cutting trough (Barrier pierce on criticals)

Cooking time in hell (weird name.. is she being burn alive or something?.) increase attack power and critical rate everytime it receives dmg

as always i don't know the modifiers of those things yet. seishins are the same.
Its never too late to start loving again
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Maybe the "Cooking time in hell" skill name is some Hell's Kitchen reference? Seems like a bit of a stretch though.
Probably just the fact that she's packing food. and a Senran Kagura reference.
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Event has started. Current items in the shops
Red event Ticket: 200 chips
Taiki Attacker Shatte summer 2016 ver.: 350 chips (2 count)
Taiki Lancelot Grail Summer Oldrin 2016 (350 chips, 2 count)
Zegapain Ryoko summer 2016 version (250) chips

Blaster Katalina 250 chips
Fighter Berta 250 chips
the rest is meh.
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