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Hi guys! Is the SSR copy from the 400k points reward a taiki or still a regular version of the SSR?
Normal SSR.

Speaking of points I'm not even at 400k yet.
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Thanks, I'm currently at nearly 275k. This takes off the urgency to get to 400k and above.
(08-22-2017, 06:30 AM)Fernaske Wrote: Hi guys! Is the SSR copy from the 400k points reward a taiki or still a regular version of the SSR?

Regular SSR. You can make a full SSR copy of the unit without ever buying a single SR.

I'm at like 650k because having an extra unit for the event makes it easy to get things. Plus I've been having amazing luck for once with Great Fever Times, where I can get 7000-8000 points a mission and usually get three uses off each.
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Test on Tchyco LVL 80 Full Buffed + Attack buff + 3 attack core parts.

at every dodge she gains 3% more dodge rate and attack, her attack stacks at + 60% that means that Tchyco must successful evade 20 attacks.

her attack power maxed its 6k + 3500 = 9.5k however she has infighter lvl 3 raising her attack power for more 15% 10.500, and her normal attack power up.

meaning that you can extract 11k attack power of a full stacked Chico.

but them you ask "but Mai this is useless because i will not wait for a unit to dodge 20 attacks, yeah you won't that's why you equip her with Tamaki coin, Tamaki coin raise attack by every unit defeated by 3% moreover it stacks at 20% so on the end when you dodge 10 hits you will get a 50% boost already

Buster Smash modifier its a 800% modifier area Hisatsu + slow.

to help her dodge you want her last seishin maxed.

Summer Akiha its Thyco's best friend

Summer Akiha has a leader skill that raises attackers dodge by 20%, and also she is a awesome SSR unit full buffed Summer Akiha has 6500 of attack.


we have a new Arena Entry,not entirely out of game, on arena her attack its auto raised by 45% no conditions attached to it she basically have 8800 attack on the Arena, also Tycho unit its fast and you should put her on position 2.

but wait there more... she is a disassembler on the Arena

she has two interesting seishins, one of them assure that she will get a critical hit every 3 turns, and one of her passives, make her critical hits ignore all special defenses and bushins, and special defenses, her hisatsu has a good dmg due to her high attack and also slow units... for comparative Sake...

This is Taiki Master Asia:

Attack + Maginifiers on Hisatsu = 15120

This is Tycho = 12056
This is the New L'arc = 11836

Master Gundam has a hp recovery and L'arc can produce cores, she is also quite fast.

overall, a excellent free unit for both game modes.

she is quite incredible to take out Taiki XAN and Sousukes in a single hit.

also if you play Arena mode get the new L'arc if you're lacking meta attackers she is ridiculous good there.

[Image: I54W4tu.png]

don't skip the event units! i will repeat don't skip it you will regret it latter.

Edit: posted this on units reviews as well, since this will be eaten by the void pretty fast
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