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Seed/Seed Destiny HD Remasters getting a new English dub for some reason

So we were definitely going to get those Seed / Seed Destiny HD remasters to begin with, I figured, but here they're redubbing all of them. Obviously, they couldn't just sync up the old dubs to these, but they could have just as well put them out there sub only.

This would seem to indicate they think Seed is either popular enough to warrant it, or that an HD remastered Seed is marketable enough to do it.

I'll bite my tongue here since I'm not a fan, but it's interesting news.
Seed/Destiny Remasters also aren't even actual wide-screen... they are cropped to fit into wide screen, but doing so parts of the video frame are cut off meaning you don't see the whole picture... The original dubs for Seed and Destiny were pretty underwhelming aside from a few voices (Mu and Rau) but everyone else was pretty bland.

Seed and Destiny are still pretty popular in the west. Kira/Lacus fanboys are still active..
I still find is scary that SEED was fifteen years ago. Kira and Lacus are still ruling over the Newtype popularity charts, and every time I hear 'SEED Remaster' I'm reminded of 2xSai meme.
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