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"It Makes You Progress"
Got my last yellow ticket. This event was really kind to me, surprisingly, and it finished that by giving me the Lancelot Frontier needed to get mine to 70.
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Finally got to 40 OMG, on the final day. That was close, should not have wasted 60 on the last event.
My free SSR was baster Swimsuit Anya.
Super Robot Wars HOPE!
Fan-made SRW Game made in RPG Maker MV
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X-Omega: 117807236
My loot:

- Zeta Gundam (New)
- Tieria
- Stella Gaia Gundam (New)

could get Fail Pilot Part have her at 65 the attacker one, finished Monika and could finish my SR Summer Honoka as well 65 couldn't get her last copy

didn't rolled this event i plan to get a copy of L'arc but i will be extremely happy with any of the other new units that i get on the daily roll XD
There's no heart without you
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