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Nasu x Terada Interview
(08-20-2017, 06:36 PM)thebigb Wrote: What about Tsukihime? Will FGO ever had a Collaboration with that?

Everyone will be summonable.

Except Satsuki.
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Here is a translation.

Now, guys, I know it's unfair to expect people to translate stuff for them on the spot, criticizing that is fair enough. But when the translation somebody is asking for exists and is out there, why not just link to it? Are we assuming we all browse the exact same places here? I certainly hadn't heard it'd been translated.
Thanks buddy.
(08-20-2017, 06:36 PM)thebigb Wrote:
(08-20-2017, 04:48 PM)Top Nep Wrote: It's not like it's anything major either. There's not going to be some FGO x SRW Collaboration. DW has very specific guidelines, and they don't do collaborations unless it's something Nasu is involved and or owns. Such as the Prisma Illya Collaboration, Fate/Zero, Fate/Extella etc etc.

What about Tsukihime? Will FGO ever had a Collaboration with that?

FGO don't do collabs.

their "collabs" are not really collaborations but just other Fate things having a event dungeon... Collab Fate/ Prims Illya , Fate/Zero Collab, Fate/CCC collab, its not like X-Omega where they collab with different things and etc.
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Officially they are collaborations, because DL works doesn't specifically own the legal rights to use said properties even if th eyre from the fate series.

And Ryougi Shiki was also not a Fate character, just type moon.

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They could use Fate/Zero from the very beginning of FGO we had Gilles and Lancelot from the very beginning, Illya was already on the game and was featured on the Prisma Cosmos and Verdand Destruction CE's

Fate Extra also was already on the game, we already had Extra/Saber,Archer and Caster, and most masters on the CE's.

to not pay the the rights its exactly the motive why DW don't do collaborations, the only relative thing similar to one that we had was with Kara no Kyoukai and even that was just another Type Moon work , they sorta of collab with themselves,so it was not a collab, they just called it so because other games do.

a collaboration its what Grand Blue Fantasy does, they do get Samurai spirits,Tales Of etc.
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