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I can't believe this LOL?!!!
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
Don't worry, it will have the same success as the OUYA! Remember how THAT worked out? lol
I didn't know about that one till I saw it on Screw Attacks top 10 worst consoles
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you've been staked.
Their aversion to saying wtf this actually is remains annoying (maybe they don't even know themselves yet!), and I won't be surprised if it really does end up being NES Classic But Atari and nothing more.

That said, I wonder if what they're getting at here is NES Classic But Atari + You Can Download Some Other Stuff Too, which miiiight be kind of clever - get them in with the promise of classic stuff, and then have the captive storefront market of a console/phone/Steam that the Ouya was going for available for further profits. And if it doesn't work out, whatever, pack it up, and you've still got the classic thingy market.

Problem is, I can think of exactly two companies with the back catalog to pull that off, and those are Nintendo (who uhhh obviously isn't doing that) and Sega (who has already flooded the market with cheapo Genesis clones). You'd think Atari might qualify, but their games are very much of the "ha ha remember that oh boy" play again once or twice then never again vintage that would have a harder time pushing anything more than a classics-only console.
The Ouya was great though. I use them all the time to cook pasta, soups, and all sorts of foods
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... yeah I can see the thinking that lead to this:

Random ATARI EXEC: DUDE OMG the Nintendo Classic is selling Like Water in the Desert and is just as rare!!!
Random ATARI Exec 2: I have an IDEA! Let's make our OWN and fill the hole!
Random ATARI EXEC: But don't we have only stuff like Space Invaders? You know stuff that was released before many current Customers where even born?
Random ATARI Exec 2: SHUT UP let's just sell it on Nostalgia! Daddy needs a new Solid Gold Yacht.
Random ATARI Exec #: Wouldn't a solid gold yacht sink?
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
Random ATARI Exec 2: Why do you think I need a new one?

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