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Blazblue Cross Battle
I'm really expecting that this teaser its not really the game, and just some made up, because they need to unify the character arts, its so weird having Ragna and Jin on high HD detailed sprites and everyone else looking like from a game from the previous generation, well maybe P4 Arena characters won't need as much work, but UniB characters need, even if its the colors its too clashing with BB when they're on screen, and apparently Ruby model its made on the UniB engine and not on the BB one for some reason, i really hope that they fix that.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Well... UniB is coming out with a updated version for the PS4, but all 3 series in this crossover aside from RWBY Guests have originally come out on the PS3. BB Central Fiction started on the PS3 and got a PS4 port in terms of console releases, UniB is getting the same treatment as I mentioned. P4/U is the only one that did not get a PS4 port, and I doubt it will anytime soon, maybe in the future, or maybe a P5 Arena will come out in the future.
So, I hope you guys like total shit, because this game is total shit.

The final roster has been confirmed for 40 playable characters! Too bad only 20 are in the game by default, and the other 20 are DLC. The first DLC is RBWY's Blake Beladonna and there will be all in-one pack for all the dlc chars so you can't choose what you want specifically.

Even more scum baggy, is they purposely hid the DLC prices even though they already showed the packs. It's already a budget title made entirely of copy pasted reused assets being sold at max price, but now it's even worse. It's like they want to compete with capcom to see who can release the less content and sell the most as DL.

Release date is May 31 for Japan & Asia, June 5 for NA.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
DLC thing is a dick move, especially since Arcsys hasn't been that stupid about the number of DLC characters in their games for the most part before, hell they even give them away free sometimes... But then again their DLC prices are more pricey too....

I'll probably wait till the game is on sale for $30 before picking it up... not getting it at launch.

Game still looks good gameplay wise but this DLC thing has left a bad taste in my mouth...
... okay I'm usually the guy that tries to look at both sides but this? This is pretty damn low even for me :/
Which is a shame since I was looking forward to it.
Yeah, its the DLC thing that has me mad, usually I try to see the logic in it but this has gone way too far.

I was really looking forward to this game too especially since I was a fan of all the fighting games that are crossing over in this game...
Well... its been awhile since this was updated but the DLC prices were announced for the full list. Base game is $50 and $20 for the entire DLC combined/season pass. If you pre-order the game now on Amazon its $40 with prime membership. $40 + $20 is about the same price as a brand new full price game without DLC. I think its more fair that way.
(04-06-2018, 04:24 PM)yazi Wrote: $40 + $20 is about the same price as a brand new full price game without DLC. I think its more fair that way.

If that were the actual price to begin with and they said as much from the get go, this would all work a lot better. But after all the poor messaging they started with, and this being $70 total for what is basically ArcSys MUGEN, they'd better not be shocked if this bombs.

Of course I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a pick me up from throwing in Saber or Avatar or whatever like they're threatening. Not that Saber helped that other crossover fighting game whose name I cannot remember for the life of me now, which pretty much says it all.
But take in mind that every other fighting game out there has DLC in all of them, all exceeding $70 with DLC combined...

While the PR for this game was poorly handled, atleast for the time being we have the total roster number and its still less than other games out there in terms of price.

I don't know how this is considered MUGEN when the games play similar to each other especially Blazblue and Persona Arena which use the same style system... Plus... Persona is still a very popular IP and will still sell units.

And its still a very high roster with 40 characters... when was the last time you saw that number in a fighting game that wasn't Tekken Tag 2? Atleast I'll give Arcys a bit of credit for making a more fair price albeit a bunch of BS, most other companies will charge a lot more for DLC characters... Especially since Arcys DLC prices in other games are pretty pricey compared to other company fighting games.
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