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Blazblue Cross Battle
Justifrevealed at EVO. Basically all their properties mixed in.

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lol RWBY got in somehow that's great
Its never too late to start loving again

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I was very surprised with this crossover, cause I honestly thought Guilty Gear and Blazblue would've had a crossover first. But this is a pleasant surprise. Although these games run on the same engine IIRC. Under Night I think is made by a different developer/team, French Bread, the people who made the criminally under appreciated Melty Blood
8 never expected 5he BB GG crossover for a few years, mainly because new GG is still new and hasn't even gotten through much of its plot and they need to focus on that .
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Fair enough, Arc System has got plenty of other fighting games to work on. With DB fighters and now this. Under Night is getting a PS4 version later this year, I'll be picking that up too, enjoyed it quite a bit.

The character roster I'm curious about, especially from the Persona 4 side, I'm guessing maybe 4 or 5 characters minimum from each game, not including RWBY characters. While I'd like to see it happen, Rise will likely not be a playable character, but you never know...
No Idea what RBWY or hwatever is, but that english line read at the end was god awful. It was so bland and uninspiring, with a VA that probably can't do anything other then the 1 same voice.
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Don't diss RBWY, the show is pretty good Sad
Also a Western Product from Rooster Teeth, the Guys that brought us Red vs Blue (no I'm not kidding)
RBWY is also very popular, so much so that it even got a JP voice over and aired in Japan. RIP for the creator, who passed away not too long ago... same guy also made Haloid and Dead Fantasy CG videos.
Yep, it was pretty sad when Monty Oum died Sad he was FAR too young (that guy was just a year older than me).
They do continue the show but his hand in it is noticably missing.
That's actually not that big a deal. It's not widely known, but Japan imports and redubs pretty much 100x the amount of movies, television shows, dramas, cartoons, etc then the anime and games it exports.

One of the best was ShinIchiro Miki as Adam West on family guy. he was just so goddamn perfect.
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