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Fate/Apocrypha "Yeah i know it could been better"
[Image: 22E4pt6.png]
"What a disconnected mess"

that was my first toughs after watching the episode 1 of the show but before this its better to bring back what its this...

 Apocrypha its a series of books it actually already finished and its adapted now into animation, as we know book adaptations can be good and well received because its so self sufficient that we don't even know that there was a book, or assume that you have read the source material, unfortunately this is neither, apocrypha tries to tell a story with no main characters and no clear goals, and this is hard to do, very hard as the story must have a "sane point" to arrive and a character that the person who watch shares the view of the scenario with, unfortunately the first episode its so bad that most of the time you will just see random scenes and hear names.
  Its not that Apo its hard to understand its not, its the contrary its so bland in what it wants to do that you can already see events miles away, the animation its terrible compared to the other Fate animes, proportions be damned Siegfried body looks so very weird and Semiramis face bugs me to no end and it can go on but leaving it aside....
  Apo is a really interesting series of books, so if the action scenes are somewhat good that would be already great, but i fear for the future of the anime since most of the "fell" was lost on the animation, and most of the places where changed as we know its a adaptation and those things happens, like changing places where characters meet or fight, and the worst of this all the main character of the books Jeanne has like 1 scene on the ENTIRE EPISODE, i just can't eat Mordred and Shishigo eating all the episode if you watch that you would think that they are the main characters, Mordred its just one more character there among others, Apo its Jeanne story so where was Jeanne scenes? why they cuted out everything to show random useless scenes?

we didn't saw Laeticia possession, we didn't saw her awakening, we didn't saw her traveling or saying bye to her parents, overall i'm having doubts if Jeanne is still the main character on the anime after that 1st episode

overall of the two animes that i watched this season till now this one didn't do justice to its predecessors at all, on animation or OST, its just bad on these points on the ep1 i will of course apply the 3 episodes rule and see if it  gets somehow better.

stay with the ending because the song its a LOT better than the opening that its horrible to hear.

There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I'm on board so far. I haven't read any of the original material myself, so I'm going in fresh here - I do remember the rumblings of a Fate MMO waaaaay back in the day, when everything from Ghosts 'n Goblins to Bastard!! had an MMO down the pipe...which all got cancelled of course. But it's interesting how you can sort of still see traces of that structure hinted at in this.

This does indeed give the impression of Go Lion being the closest thing to a main character so far, but with the advertising pretty clearly not indicating that, I am wondering if that will be utilized in interesting ways. Hopefully it will not be at too much of anyone's expense by the end. Fate is always full of great characters, and it seems to suffer the most when they're ignored in favor of the least interesting character of the bunch who sucks the life out of everything like a black hole and is named Shiro so uhhh since he's technically not really in this I suppose we'll be fine.

Ultimate Info Dump First Episode practically seems like a tradition at this point, but it did seem to assume familiarity with what a Holy Grail War is...I wonder how that pans out for complete newbies.
The main character is Jeanne herself. Always was.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Ep 3 was a lot better than the previous two the pacing was a lot better to, i enjoyed this episode so i will keep following the anime
There's no heart without you
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