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Symphogear AxZ
[Image: IWekkzl.png]

   Symphogear started as a production by the same people that created the game "Wild Arms" an old playstation game, the anime first started showing a darker tone of what looked to be a mahou shoujo show, that rapidly changed  to his own thing, a hi tech mahou shoujo anime driven by songs of celebrities, the cast of the anime is heavy and usually the investment on the seasons are worth the watch for anyone that likes action on general.
AxZ its the 4th season and aimed to have 13 episodes the anime is currently on its 2nd one,bellow the show current opening:

As for what i got as impressions since i finally got to watch the episodes...

Following season 3, we are back with Hibiki and co, that now are going to South America more exactly a place called Val Verde, Chris hometown, on this season things are a little more complicated since its the first time that the main characters face themselves against human soldiers and not just noise.

the action its very well done and the season seems to be focused on Chris's past, i somehow don't liked how much they bring it back every now and them its unnecessary to show that many flashbacks, the narration of the events its  very simple and easy to follow as for the script apparently it retains the neutral tone between a hi tech magical girl show that suddenly can became serious and dark, like what happens on episode 2, that its a lot better than 1.

the pacing of the anime is very good however the animations its not as pretty as the ones from the last seasson, episode 1 on particular had some weird frames and some lazy body proportion here and there, episode 2 was better on this, the OST tilll now follows the more pop songs that season 3 introduced, season 1 OST will probably reign supreme for some time, but well there's a LOT of potential for this.

overall a solid start if you like the franchise give it a check.

and of course as everything these days as the anime released Symphogear gained its own Mobili game, the game its done by the same company that did SiNoAlice, its overall pretty simple, mostly a visual novel with looong story segments, as all of these games its not like there's something happening all the time, the stories are original ones, so they happens and after are taken offline, and players can play the story mode to remember the old anime seasons while they wait for the next original story, there's also a Arena mode, the game its 600mb and have all the OST's of the 3 Symphogear sections on it.

[Image: o08Y5BQ.png]

i decided to post this here just because it was released on the same day as the anime and its not like its worth its own thread.

someone watching? :O
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