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The Rough Waves Beach Resort
Well at least you guys only spent a couple of omgs ;_;
Did you get nothing from step-up?
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(9 hours ago)Wish Wrote: Did you get nothing from step-up?

This is what the game thinks of my 111 omg ( ´-`)
[Image: Screenshot_2017-07-21-14-25-59.png]
[Image: xMHH2tj.png]

actually i wanted to max her, but rate up is a lie and my SR's have been randoms, but i managed that much
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I might do at least 1 full step up tonight, depending on how they handle part 2. I really want Taiki Solis girls, but if not then I'd rather someone I hate like Honoka then someone I don't care about like those duvork or whatever people. I have 333 crystals, but....That stream on the 27th....I keep feeling they're going to announce Kyosuke, Excellen, and Axel/Kouta soon.

TBH, for the last few nights I've been staying up till like 3-4am, just waiting for the twitter to reveal the new units. Getting stressed out after so many no shows...

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

the next units are most probably Olive and Katalina only Nep, with a SR reward with Killer skill for the next Raid boss that will use the Z Tickets as plot goes on... since Katarina and Bertha gained stronger units (Fighter and Blaster) its time for Olive to get something special, all their units are full of gimmekicks

this summer banner its pretty good even if you miss Honoka but if you get Aoi she is a very good unit and Mari is the only shooter that can stun that its not OO Raiser

Taiki Lelouch its probably Newcomer gasha
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Taiki shooter Camille can stun as well, but yes, I'd love to have taiki Mari too...

Damn it's 4 AM here, I went from 550k points to 970k in one night, I'll soon get my last ticket thanks to Honoka...

edit: Yeah! last ticket nets me a taiki shooter Dauncogar! Totally happy, I may go to sleep now.
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Final Ticket gives me a Normal Dancougar Nova, game give me the swimsuit version tomorrow.
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