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The Rough Waves Beach Resort
IIRC The SSR coin from last event gives a large crit rate up to the team when the unit sits in the battleship...
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And here we are back at the Shishigo House and Akiha its mad today, she is feeling overworked by all of this, Itsuki claims that she has cop work to do, and space cake Honoka has to install Leopard parts after all, but after getting all the parts and the invaders business she got no rest, Aoi is there with them apparently resident of the house now as well, Aoi them suggests for them to go for a Beach resort colony to relax the stress while Itsuki and Honoka take care of things here, before going out Akiha blonde sister appears  ( foreshadows ), to Beach we go!

[Image: ZPvkMxZ.png]

~~Battle ~~

On the depths of space.....SPACE NINJA, is having trouble but not enough trouble (hope you got space ninja on the last event you got her right? she is great).

the business of the day its Invaders working for space cake villain, wondering why space cake villain control the invaders now, big sis follows her

~~Battle End~~

Akiha gives a call to Honoka to call her to go for the Beach resort as well, she asks about Asahi, and Honoka is sorta of mad with him now, when suddenly a wild Oldrin's friend that wants to be a idol appears out of nowhere showing you that she will be on summer part 2 and that you will have no OMG to roll for her.
[Image: yFSFxGk.png]

oh that's not all, they random meet Kanako there, but well half of Kanako scenes on this game are on the beach as well you should expect better Honoka, thing is that girl got a promotion and came to the beach to commemorate and etc.

on a distance place on the universe, Aoi and cake Honoka are with Leopard, Leopard gets mad when he discover that everyone wents to the freaking beach without inviting him after all.


on space battles while on fever mode, you have Dancouga Nova opening to make things more lively, also apparently my friend list wasted all their Omg on Cross Ange/Astray event/Rinne event and almost no one have even Kanako, but luckly one of them has a Shinji so its 2 units to review
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Thanks, Mai!
Also didn't Sokia die when Tokyo got nuked?

Beacuse HAH, Called it. The game would never kill off a cute girl with no pants. I don't know what I love more, that she's back, or that she now wants to be an idol.

And same, I only have like 3 people on my list who have an event unit. (Taiki Shinji above all). Hilarious thing is 2 minutes into the event said person had the eva at FUB already.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So how good are those two new Taikis?
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*gets summer Akiha*

[Image: f0qTPa2.png]
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I wiped out summer is ruined ;_;
Working on story missions so I can get Kanako and hopefully by the end of the event I can get her again.
I really wish I could have gotten that Leopard Support. I wish there was a way to get old event ones.
The event gives you exactly 30 OMG Crystals by finishing it, so you can get a copy of Kanako even if you have 0 before it begins, but you will need to use 2 SSR limit breaks on her.

because her last ability its a vital part of her and what makes her above average just like Monika and C.C
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

So. Eva-13 is even more OP than Shin Getter. The thing counterattacks in arena, has special armor, has bonus 130% hit rate and regens 20% every turn. Can they even release its white awakened version if the base is already this OP?
Kaworo is on the resort colony alongside Shinji and Mari as well, they are fast recognized by Kanako slaves, Kanako herself its not bothered by this and its more confused by Itsuki partner that hides when its seem by her, Kanako laughs its off.

Leopard really came to the colony, Akiha its not pleased with this as he left his colony outside here causing a ruckus, he laughs but he is safe since (Cake)Honoka came with him to take care of things and of course Apo was also dragged along, Sokia meets everyone as Leopard is being Leopard.

Akiha sister that its a huge hate ball receive a call from Akiha and Honoka from the resort, she has a sudden attack of rage when Aoi invites her to come along, and that triggers something a voice calls for her..

[Image: JuDKDvr.png]

On the resort colony KMF approach fast, everyone its confused by what its happening, Kanako and Itsuki warns everyone to be on guard, and now you ask Mai how the fuck robots on the beach?

yeah like... Kanako can sorta of summon the thing and Leopard sorta of can bring Akiha unit, but yeah i don't know how OGs Honoka AND Aoi make it, despite that...

after all the girls decide to dress themselves again and Akiha wonders what was those, Sokia sorta of recognizes from where those KMF's where, and they shouldn't be here out of control(and with no one inside creepy), the mysterious voice talks to Akiha's sister again and knowing that apparently she did move the machines she gets pleased with herself and instead of just joining the fun she decides to get rid of everyone because that's what bad people do.

oh forgot to post my event first day ^_^

i had fun, currently ranked at 1800 (got confused), did some quests and farmed all the green tickets, missing 2 tickets only, one from the shop and other when Star Sylph is finished, did two pulls with the Omega Tickets and got nothing, farming OMG's to get a second Kanako as well, i have decided to get her to 70 after all she is useful to kill the barots on conquest mode since i don't have Sumire i might as well use her and Monika, also leveled the SR Honoka to 55 she is pretty decent

used the event tickets on the otherworld story base and finally emptied it totally that was the last unit that i was missing from there.

[Image: 1oNZSD6.png]

time for them to release a new base now Smile

don't even know if Cagalli its any good but i do know that she is a good tank when maxed
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[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


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