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The PlayStation Vita Thread
Then DON'T unless you have to. I've always supported the VIta, and been heavily against piracy on it, (unlike PSP because fuck yeah, pirates!)

But at this point Sony of America has specifically driven me over the edge. To quote Gabe Newel, people will pay for something when it's made readily available and easy to aquire. But when you have to start jumping through hoops to get stuff, and importing from other countries well Piracy starts sounding a lot more beneficial.
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But that means I can't access the ps store. Hmm.... not that I need to.
Unless I wanna go online or something.
You could access the store from your pc or ps3, then cable transfer the games oe content.
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Oh yeah Nep, might I ask whether the battery problem occurs when the Vita's on standby, when it's being played or anything?
Just needed some details.
Just when it's on normally during play and connected to the network. WHen I have it in airplane mode or just have wifi turned off it's normal. In stand by I've had mines in sleep mode for probably 2 weeks now. I just checked it and the battery is still full.
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Ah, I see.
Ok, thanks for the information.
^if you do decide to go that route, there's actually a homebrew plugin made to spoof your firmware for PS store access.

THen there's also something called PKGJ, which is basically a downloader of PS Store stuff without actually using the store itself
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