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The PlayStation Vita Thread
I currently hate my Vita.

Well, just Asterisk War really. I hate these supposedly easy to platinum games that rely on RNG.
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Ditto. I can deal with difficulty, grinding, and time consuming, but trophies that depend on Online and bull shit luck/RNG are the worst. In the original Xenoverse , even if you cleared a stage perfectly there was a an extremely aweful RNG that depended whether a stages special post stage event triggered or not, And then even after that, there was another BS RNG as to whether the bosses skills even dropped or not.

Right now I'm angry at Senran Kagura Bonus Appetit.99% is easy, but one specific trophy is almost impossible. It's a rythem game, but the symbols are literally impossible to see because so much crap is happening on screen at once and everything just looks so blurred that human eyes litterally cant focus.not to mention the speed and Terrible suden command inputs.

At least I got 3 plats out of my vita backlog clear, and spiffy background.
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[Image: ritt-le.png]

Ooo, lovely.
Vita is dead, long live the Vita!

Jokes aside, how's this game?
[Image: DDXr--VUIAAlRY8.jpg]

The gameplay looks kinda choppy. Or should I continue letting the Vita died and just wait for the Ex+ version on the PS4?
I bought it a year or two ago. It's alright, but definitely needed more. Combat is in fact a bit also doesn't that the 2 best characters don't join until the end.

Definitely wait for the ex- version.
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So Im going on a trip out of the country tommorow for 3 weeks, and decided to clean up my big Vita backlog. And among the list of games I had one was Monster Monpiece.

Was wondering if anyone else had it here and would he up for getting the annoying online trophies?
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Happy 6th Birthday Vita-chan.

You've traveled around the world with more more then most humans ever will, You'll always be Top Nep's Best..whatever ryhmes with nep etc.

Redid my skittles.
semi NSFW? PG-13 at best.
Spoiler Show
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I have to wonder, how many GBs of Memory do you have in it? You seems to have lots of games. ^^
64 on Vita, 16 on Vita TV. And 64 is still not enough, I had to delete a few things to DL Sora FC and Escha and Logy kd the Twilight Sky.
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