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The PlayStation Vita Thread
(07-22-2016, 10:51 AM)Top Nep Wrote: My one complaint about the system is still the stupid account-memory card issue. Too many games I waned to import or get DLC for that I can't because I have it linked to my NA one.

This so much.

Look at all the freebie DLC I have not claimed >.<
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Ditto. It hurts evne more since Japan actually still gets GOOD games, and REAL games for their PS+ usually. While in the west, we get nothing but crap now.

We used to get good stuff, but then PS4 came and made PS+ Mandatory, so people were forced to get it and thus, Sony of America stopped caring and just now give run of the mill indi-crap, bland first party titles, etc.

[Image: gmUgwPp.jpg]

Still need to buy Twilight Ground, and hopfully they announce Twilight Sea for the west soon.
That's one of my Vita frustrations up there.

I actually have a Japanese PSN account for my main account, and as such I do not have access to the localized Atelier Plus titles, since most were digital only.
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Once I get a PS4, I'll probably sub to a Hong Kong PS Plus. Mainly because my Vita is using my Hong Kong account.
Reason is that the shop around me all sells Asian cartridges. I wouldn't be able to use DLC at all if I don't have Asian account.

And because of that, I'll be missing lots of sale in the US PS Store. Oh well, I only own a 8GB memory card afterall.
If you really use it a lot, I would definitely suggest buying a 64 gig card. It's pricey at around 90-100 Tricky Dick Fun Bux, but well worth it.

Albeit Sadly, my card is pretty much at capacity.Let's just say, I am a being that truly enjoys his Vita. I just wish they'd let you have more than 10 blasted pages. I don't like stuffing my Vita games into folder at the bottom.

Also I got bored, and Since I made that Oleeve backgrund, decided to do something with Fate/Grand Order because Fate, Fuck yeah.

[Image: 65A5A5x.jpg]
Well, I do have lots of physical Vita games. But currently what I'm playing is Samurai Warriors 4 Empires (it's digital and I really really like it), and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus ('cos friggin Koei Tecmo made the game looked like F2P with time limited costumes you have to buy).

I've put several of my digital game on my PC: NFS Most Wanted and Senran Kagura Bon Appetit. Also have Senran Kagura Estival Versus which eats up around 1,8gb because of the update. Basically it's filled to almost full capacity.

I think I can manage with only 8 GB.

Now the problem is, I wanted that SD Gundam G Generation Genesis, but it's TWO cartridges. I pray that game doesn't require giant install like Estival Versus.
Wait, what? 2 cartridges ?

And oh god, I entirely forgot I bought that Senran cooking least I'm sure I did...

I was thinking of getting DOAX3 for Vita since PA has it right now for $40, but not sure if want...
Yes, the game is in two cartridges. The first Vita game to require two cartridges. Estival Versus managed to get away using 1 cartridge because they use title update to deliver "the rest of the game" amounting to 1,8GB.
Guess G Generation games are too big.

I also think G Generation games are best for handheld. Same as Disgaea. But that maybe just me. ^^
Its becausenSony is being stupid and refusing to increase the VGC size even though devs have asked for it for years.

I'm not too fond that it's UC only so I might wait for a price drop first.
UC only is fine. I got the Sadalahn to cover my battleship, bunch of Sentinel Gundam and Z Gundams and Land Battle Gundam, and I really hope Great Zeong is in too. I hope we get something new other than Phoenix Gundam as originals too.

I'm gonna miss Mother Vanguard and Gundam X and G Gundam, though. Sad

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