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The PlayStation Vita Thread
You own a Vita too, Top Nep?
Oh yes. Yes indeed. Had one for a few years now, and always loved it. Thankfully it's still alive and well in Japan where it matters, so there's always plenty of stuff to play on it as long as you import.

I ended up Importing a red one all for the sake of a pun on the character Vita (The Alt Eisen based character) from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Actually the reason I didn't get one at launch was specifically because I wanted to wait for a red one to be released for said pun. XD (And also because at the time, Sony of America were douche bags and refused to inpplament the new lowered price Japan did. So it was ironically cheaper to import said red one with best shipping, then just going to my local store and buying a generic black one)

I even made a custom artwork of it that got popular and passed around lot even now. Albeit I never get credited because Shitaku took it and then gave the credit to some random japanese bloger who had posted it elsewhere)

Overall I've probably spent several hunderd to thousands of hours with mine. From games, Youtube, especially as a music player (Before I got an idroid phone which wasn't until like this year). He'll, probably spend aruond a 100 hours just making custom backgrounds for it. Hell, even as I'm typing this I'm making a custom Oleeve background using her new pilot suit artwork...with some possible tweaking. >.>
I remember that. I had no idea Kotaku stole it. XD
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Aye. The original place I psoted it I think was the anime Suki Nanoha Image thread because I was bored and probably drunk that night, and  at the guild. I guess someone got it from AS and posted it on 2ch to where it made it's way to Kotaku Japan, to by the end of it, no one bothered to look up who bought it. I still see it used on /a/, the /v/ and appraently on redit. That's why I'm hoping Hogan crushes them along with Gawker.

Also Bah, I picked up the R&T Collection from the Flash Sale, but apparently my 64GB card is already filled. Damn Sony propriotary memory cards.

[Image: 2xlmNgT.jpg]

Still bored and messing around with an Oleeve BG for my Vita's SRW/Gundam page. (DAT OCD).
I love and yet find it sad that no matter what random color I mess around with, every color in the spectrum just looks infinitely better then her default generic avacado looking green. They should have just given her the same colors as her Navigator outfit, the graysih blue scheme.

Spoiler Show
[Image: UAEuLTf.png]

[Image: BM7hOuO.png]
[Image: 9anFhgT.png]
[Image: g0vZiTb.png]
[Image: 3TgF6Jp.png]
[Image: 0VCqFU2.png]
[Image: XObHDlV.png]

[Image: YdL2gEt.png]

It's olive green.
I know, it's the pun. Aesthetically, it still looks so bland and boring. XD

It's the color you'd see a grunt wear that's destined to die within the first stage of an OG game.
Today, Today was a good day. Did some good stuff in PSO2, but more so, I was reunited with and old friend.

You're Home now, Old friend. With Diamond Dogs. Our New Home. ;_;7
Oh you got it? Good. XD

I loved that game.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Musamasa its probably the best game i played last year, fantastic game.

my pc background is still Yuri and Judith from tales of vesperia for AGES LOOOOOOOOOOL

time to change it to something, and my console background is Milla and Jude

gotta change to something else maybe one from Tales of Berseria since its the new black and etc
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Vita wise I try to change mine every so often. Though some times I I'll make a background that I just really can't get rid of, ever because I like it too much. Like the Escha and Logy one. I'll have to take a screen later. I do have a full sheet on how my Vita looks ATM, but one of the backgrounds is a possible a NSFW one. (It's a "convenient censor" type, KonoSuba related) do probably best not to post the whole thing.

My one complaint about the system is still the stupid account-memory card issue. Too many games I waned to import or get DLC for that I can't because I have it linked to my NA one.

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